See It Early: HGTV Previews Dream Home 2023

HGTV showed the 2023 Dream Home before, during, and after construction

HGTV / YouTube HGTV showed the 2023 Dream Home before, during, and after construction

HGTV has been building and giving away Dream Homes in sweepstakes held every year since 1997. Each home costs over $1 million and comes fully furnished in some of the latest interior design trends. The houses have been built in all corners of the country, and this year, they’re going to Morrison, Colorado, just outside of Denver.

HGTV’s Dream Home 2023 was previewed this week, and while the Sweepstakes doesn’t begin until December 23 (at 9 am Eastern), fans have access to a full photo gallery of the house now.

Take a look and hear more about the HGTV Dream Home 2023 below.

HGTV’s Dream Home 2023 Is Equestrian Style

The HGTV Dream Home 2023 house was built new for the sweepstakes. HGTV has provided fans with photos of the house before, during, and after construction. The house is green, matching the surrounding mountain trees.

Brian Patrick Flynn designed the house, and says, “everything about this home’s design, both inside and out, is inspired by the nature that surrounds the property,” which is why he tried to use a lot of reds and greens in the house.

The house sits on 2.5 acres of land, has three bedrooms and three bathrooms, and has a lot of windows and skylights (including a “pinnacle skylight” which Flynn says, “which is something that’s usually done in commercial settings and never really seen in residential settings,”).

While Flynn calls it “elegantly rugged”, HGTV describes the style of this house as “equestrian style”, featuring a lot of wood and other natural/organic materials used, including some classic English inspiration with a stone fireplace. “I want things that are classic, and made to stand the test of time,” Flynn said.

The house also has an outdoor deck, as well as a separate outdoor kitchen and seating area. A full house tour special is expected to air on HGTV in the new year, as was the case with 2022’s Dream Home.

This is the Second HGTV Dream Home in Colorado

2023’s Morrison, Colorado Dream Home is HGTV’s second one built in the state. The first was 2007’s Dream Home, about 50 miles to the west in Winter Park.

The 2007 house was designed in the style of a “rustic mountain lodge,” according to house planner Jack Thomasson, and as such featured plenty of wood detailing and furniture.

Local reporters for Sky-Hi Daily News wrote at the time that the winner of the 2007 Dream Home, Robert O’Neill Sr. from Tennessee (who had only entered the sweepstakes nine times that year, despite HGTV receiving over 30 million that year), sold the house before the end of the year for around $2 million. The home was bought by two surgeons from Denver and their families.

Real Estate broker Dennis Saffell, who sold the home, said that the home’s sale generated a lot of buzz, saying, “We had a lot of people looking at it … for its fame of being an HGTV home. And it ended up selling to someone who had no idea it was an HGTV home. They bought it because they liked it.”

According to the Sky-Hi Daily News, Saffell owns New Frontier Construction Development, the company that built the 2007 Dream Home and sold it to HGTV in the first place, so he ended up selling the home two times in one year.

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