HGTV Star Expecting First Baby: ‘Total Magic’

An HGTV star has a baby on the way

Heavy An HGTV star has a baby on the way

Another HGTV star is welcoming a baby into the world. HGTV Dream Home designer Brian Patrick Flynn shared the news and he and his husband Hollis Smith were expecting their first baby, a daughter, via surrogacy.

People first shared the news on February 23. According to the outlet, Flynn lucked out by having a friend who runs a surrogacy agency. “They’ve managed to put together this incredible roster of egg donors and surrogates who just desperately want to help people who can never have [kids] on their own. So the easiest part was finding the agency,” Flynn said.

Flynn said he and Smith have quickly developed a close bond with their surrogate Marrisa, telling People, “The whole story is just total magic because now she’s absolutely a forever family member. So is her husband and so are her kids. They will be Uncle Nathan and Aunt Marissa and her kids will basically be cousins to our kid.”

Brian Patrick Flynn is Preparing to Be a Father

Not only is Flynn mentally preparing for the arrival of his daughter, whom he and Smith have decided to name Clover in a nod to their Irish heritage, but he is also preparing the home.

One sacrifice Flynn may have to make when his daughter arrives in six weeks is with color: “My favorite thing in the entire world is an all-white house. And that might not be the smartest choice for somebody who’s about to have a little one who’s going to have sticky fingers and lots of food,” he said.

“The hardest thing is finding something that is super comfortable but also pretty and durable,” he says. “And I’ve noticed my whole life, I love the beautiful, uncomfortable furniture because I never sit down, I never nest. But what’s going to happen now is Hollis and I are going to be laying down, napping, rocking, cradling.”

As their surrogate Marissa also works as a graphic designer, Flynn and Smith enlisted her to help design the wallpaper in baby Clover’s bedroom, inspired by the Disney World ride It’s a Small World. “We wanted all of these usually male-dominated worlds. We wanted to create a wallpaper where she grows up to be anything she wants to be. So Marissa loved that idea. It’s going to be really unique because as [our daughter] grows up, she’ll even know that her Aunt Marissa created the wallpaper in that room. And to me, that’s a core memory that will just always be there,” Flynn shared with the outlet.

Brian Patrick Flynn Went to Japan for His ‘Baby Moon’

People noted that Flynn and Smith were having a “baby moon” trip to Japan ahead of Clover’s arrival, and Flynn shared photos from their trip in a February 19 Instagram post.

“Life’s too short. I’m too tall. Japan’s door height openings, way too small. Do the Kyoto kimono rentals, because YOLO, and that is all. – Flynn, Brian Patrick 2024 [Japan],” Flynn captioned his post.

“Loving this photo story. Kimono looks fantastic with those contrasting colors. You must be the tallest in Japan at the moment,” one fan commented on the post, noticing the 6-foot-5-inch tall Flynn next to a short doorframe.

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