HGTV’s Newest Star Feels the Love From Millions of Fans & Famous Boyfriend

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Heavy/HGTV HGTV just debuted its newest host, who's already a star on social media

Anew HGTV show is about to debut with a social media superstar at the helm. “Home in a Heartbeat With Galey Alix” is set to premiere on April 19, 2023, starring 29-year-old Galey Alix, a Wall Street executive whose jaw-dropping weekend design projects have attracted millions of loyal followers on TikTok and Instagram.

Alix — whose full name is Galey Alix Gravenstein — works during the week as a vice president and regional director at Goldman Sachs in Florida, according to her LinkedIn profile. But her claim to fame is what she does on the weekends, transforming clients’ spaces with her design crew and sharing the results in fast-paced, upbeat videos with on social media, where she has nearly five million followers who love watching her quick design transitions from “before” to “after.”

But it’s not just Alix’s home makeovers that have made her so popular. Fans also love how open she’s been about her struggles with an eating disorder, mental health challenges, and her heartbreak over a broken engagement weeks before her wedding — all of which, she told Forbes in early 2021, sent her spiraling. But with her first TV show set to premiere and a year-long relationship with former NFL player and popular “Bachelorette” alum Dale Moss going strong, Alix says she sees now that her pain led her to her passion and purpose.

When Alix first shared in September 2022 that she’d signed on to star in her own HGTV show, she wrote on Instagram, “I don’t know much, but what I’ve learned from this experience is that if you ever feel like life is burying you … there’s a good chance you’re just a seed being planted … I built this business to see families smile when I surprise them because it made me feel alive again.”

Galey Alix Asked Fans to Name Her New HGTV Show

Alix believes her fans are the ones who made it possible to land a show on HGTV, so after announcing the upcoming series, she gave them the chance to submit a name for it. In an Instagram post on March 15, when HGTV revealed the premiere date, Alix revealed in the comment section that “Home in a Heartbeat” came from one of “maybe 10k responses” that she went through.

Alix also shared HGTV’s social media announcement in her Instagram Stories on March 15, writing, “Sh*t just got so real.”

She added, “Going to read EVERY comment on this post! Would LOVE to know if you like our show name! I’m so excited that one of YOU came up with it!!!!”

In a press release about the new series, HGTV said that in each of the eight episodes, Alix and her team “will work unrelenting hours to turn out stunning home renovations that will provide these families, who are all selected from her massive social media following, the lift they’ve been needing.”

For instance, in the premiere episode, Alix will help a family, reeling after the loss of a loved one, revamp their “underutilized living and dining room into a luxurious and cohesive space,” the release said.

“To pull off these projects in a weekend, my team and I spend months planning, ordering, and building,” Alix said in the release. “These families mean everything to us. It takes a lot of late nights, talent, and grit, but it’s all worth it to give these families their ‘Home in a Heartbeat.'”

Alix recently told her followers she’s an executive producer on the show and is involved in the editing, which means the series will include the kind of instantaneous transformations fans love watching in her videos.

But filming an HGTV show is a lot more pressure, she revealed in an Instagram Story in October, writing, “Sometimes I get stress hives during installs now that we’re filming a show. It’s a lot of added pressure & all my planning has to pan out perfectly to execute a surprise renovation in a weekend.”

“I’m human and I don’t have it all figured out, but I’m trying,” she continued. “And I’ll keep trying as long as this fuels my heart & I get to be with my team.”

Galey Alix Says She Leans on Boyfriend Dale Moss For Support

Alix and her beau of almost a year both know the pain of broken engagements. On the Talking Out Loud podcast with Denae Mercer in February 2021, Alix candidly shared that in 2019, she confessed to her fiance that she’d been hiding an eating disorder and needed his support finding professional help. He felt blindsided and upset she’d hidden her struggles from him and ended their engagement, she said, which crushed her.

Meanwhile, according to People, Moss met hairstylist Clare Crawley, a former contestant on ABC’s “The Bachelor,” in July 2020 when he appeared on her season of “The Bachelorette.” The two fell in love quickly and left the show engaged just 12 days later. The couple had many ups and downs during their relationship, including a highly-publicized break in early 2021, but broke up for good by that September.

By June 2022, Us Weekly reported that Moss was dating Alix after they were seen together at his TEDTalk in May, during which he spoke about using your skills to make an impact. He tries to do so as a Special Olympics Global Ambassador, committed to advocating for opportunities to lift the voices of underrepresented individuals.

In fact, Deadline revealed in February 2023 that he is about to begin filming “The Best Of Us: Extraordinary Champions,” a series that will follow athletes training for and competing in the 2023 Special Olympics World Games in Berlin, Germany.

Also in February, Moss — who played as an NFL Wide Receiver for the Green Bay Packers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Chicago Bears, per his website — gushed to Us Weekly about how supportive Alix is of his career and confirmed they’d been together nearly a year.

“She’s the most gifted, hardworking, beautiful woman inside and out,” he said. “And she supported me every step of the way in everything I’ve done. So knowing what that’s like and having that type of support and someone by your side is definitely special.”

On the day HGTV announced the upcoming premiere date of “Home in a Heartbeat,” Alix posted a photo of her kissing Moss in her Instagram Stories and shared how much of a support he’s been throughout the filming of her show.

“You stepped into my life when it was super calm,” she wrote. “And now it’s not. It’s actually the opposite. It’s the most stressful, scary, no-sleep, complete exhaustion, no time for ‘us’ life right now. And you’re still here.”

“I didn’t have that the last time,” she continued. “Thank you for being the most patient, kind, & unwaveringly supportive partner. ILYF.”

HGTV’s “Home In A Heartbeat” premieres on April 19 at 9 p.m. Eastern time.