TikTok Star Galey Alix Lands Her Own HGTV Show: ‘I Am Beside Myself’

Galey Alix

Rachael Ray Show/YouTube TikTok star Galey Alix appears on Rachael Ray's talk show

Galey Alix has lots of titles: social media influencer, interior designer, Wall Street executive, and now, HGTV host. The network just announced it’s inked a deal with Alix, who revealed to her millions of followers that filming has already begun on her new series.

Alix’s Quick-Turnaround Home Makeover Videos Made Her a Social Media Star

Galey Alix has racked up millions of followers across Tik Tok and Instagram, posting fast-paced videos revealing jaw-dropping interior design makeovers she typically completes — with a team of helpers — in one weekend at her clients’ homes. Her videos have generated over 500 million views.

But on September 22, 2022, Alix made her own big reveal, sharing that she’s been busy filming the first season of her new show on HGTV, set to premiere in the spring of 2023.

On TikTok, she told her nearly three million followers — whom she calls her “hearts” — that their support and enthusiasm for her projects helped her land the show. She wrote, “I am beside myself + beyond grateful for every comment & like you all have made… it’s why this is happening.”

Alix shared an emotional post on Instagram about her journey to reach this milestone, after a tumultuous few years of facing an eating disorder and broken engagement in the midst of growing her career.

“I don’t know much, but what I’ve learned from this experience is that if you ever feel like life is burying you… there’s a good chance you’re just a seed being planted,” she wrote. “Life challenges us… and as a result we walk away with depth, more compassion for others who are battling, and an innate appreciation for experiencing laughter again. I built this business to see families smile when I surprise them because it made me feel alive again.”

How the Finance Exec’s Personal Struggles Led Her to Becoming a Design Star

Galey Alix

The Tamron Hall Show/YouTube

On the Talking Out Loud podcast with Denae Mercer in February 2021, Alix candidly shared about the challenges that led to her becoming known for transforming people’s spaces. In 2019, she said, she confessed to her fiance that she’d been hiding an eating disorder and needed his help finding help. He felt blindsided and ended their engagement, which crushed her.

Alix, a vice president at Goldman Sachs, immediately left their 10,000-square-foot Connecticut house, which she’d decorated in an attempt to create the “perfect” home. She moved back to her native Florida, where she began treatment for her eating disorder.

A friend who saw her decorating posts on Instagram asked if she could do the same kind of transformation in their home. Alix said she happily obliged, despite having no training and having never watched a decorating show, and dove into the project around the clock for three days while her friend’s family went to Disney World. The transformation thrilled them, but Alix said it also transformed her.

“I spent so much of my life trying to perfect myself, probably stemming from extreme insecurity where I don’t feel like I’m good enough, I’m not smart enough, I’m not successful enough, I’m not doing enough,” she told Mercer.

Through therapy and the project at her friend’s house, Alix said she realized she could funnel all of that energy she’d spent degrading herself into helping others feel good in their spaces. That, in turn, made her feel good about herself. She went on transform and film 42 more spaces before pulling together a team of people she loves to help her pull off the makeovers.

“Life challenges us… and as a result we walk away with depth, more compassion for others who are battling, and an innate appreciation for experiencing laughter again. I built this business to see families smile when I surprise them because it made me feel alive again,” she wrote in her September 22 Instagram post.

“After I lost everything (esp. my health), this gave me a purpose to live and to take better care of myself,” she continued. “Smiling ear to ear as I watch the sun come up on Sunday mornings while still on a job assured me that I really had found my passion. I implore you to chase what gives you energy… that way you’ll never get tired. And falling madly in love with every heart I brought onto my team… feels a lot like I did end up creating a family of my own. So don’t be too attached to standard definitions of your dreams, you might achieve all of them, just in a different way.”

On September 23, Alix posted a photo on her Instagram Stories of a film crew working on the second episode of her upcoming HGTV show. But she plans to keep her full-time finance job.

Alix is also in a blossoming relationship with Dale Moss, who was in a highly-publicized and tumultuous relationship with Clare Crawley after they met on “The Bachelorette” in 2020, according to E! News.

On the same night of her HGTV announcement, she posted two videos on her Instagram Stories of a surprise dinner party she threw for Moss. She wrote over one video, in which she is leaning over Moss as the Cranberries’ song “Kiss Me” plays, “Happy birthday my love.”


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