Jasmine Roth Announces Big Move

Jasmine Roth

HGTV / YouTube Jasmine Roth has put her cabin up for sale

“If you know us, this shouldn’t surprise you”.

HGTV‘s “Help! I Wrecked My House” host Jasmine Roth took to Instagram on Thursday, February 9, to share the news that she, her husband Brett Roth and their daughter Hazel, 2, have made the move from Huntington Beach, California, to Utah.

“Ok, just for the winter, but still it’s a big deal,” Jasmine said.

Jasmine Roth Is Selling ‘Hazel’s Cozy Cabin’

Jasmine expanded on why she and her family decided to make the move to Utah in her post’s caption, saying, “We love snowboarding and it’s something that makes our whole family happy. But living in Southern California – well let’s just say there isn’t a lot of winter. In 2015 we purchased the ‘Tiny Mountain Home’ in Park City, Utah and at just 640 sq ft it has served our family well. Then last year, we also purchased ‘Hazel’s Cozy Cabin’ and after being on the cover of HGTV Magazine and having a hit HGTV special following the renovation, we feel compelled to follow our dreams and take our ‘mountain-ing’ to the next level.”

To bring these dreams about, Jasmine confirmed that, with “mixed emotions,” she has decided to put “Hazel’s Cozy Cabin” up for sale.

Fans will remember the cabin from “Help! I Wrecked My House” season 3 episode 6. Jasmine shared a blog post about the cabin’s renovation and its accompanying HGTV episode, writing that she wanted the space to “be a change of scenery that family and friends could come visit during the summer and winter months.”

The Running Springs, California cabin is currently listed for $645,000. The 1,085-square-foot cabin’s real estate listing features photos of warm wooden appliances and cabinets, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a front porch, and a back patio.

Although the cabin’s sale is bittersweet for Roth, who admits that she was not initially planning on listing the property that she worked so hard to renovate, she is excited about her next chapter. In addition to sharing the details of this weekend’s open houses at “Hazel’s Cozy Cabin”, Jasmine ended her Instagram post with a tease of what’s to come, “Oh and more news coming soon about what we’ve been up to in Utah. That’s a whole other story…😉”.

Fans were thrilled for Jasmine and her family, with one writing, “Congrats! Can not imagine that cabin belonging to a different family! But if you guys are happy…” in the post’s comment section.

Jasmine Roth First Brought Her Daughter Snowboarding at 8 Months Old

Snowboarding runs in the family for Jasmine and Brett Roth, so much so that they first took their young daughter Hazel to the slopes at only 8 months old, as Jasmine shared in a December 2020 Instagram video, before her daughter could even walk or stand.

Just over two years later, by January 2023, Jasmine reported that Hazel loves snowboarding, and although her father holds a rope tethered to her board for safety, she is starting to be able to go down the slopes all on her own, at only two-and-a-half years old.

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