Jay Leno Quizzes Property Brothers on ‘Celebrity IOU’ Set

Jay Leno, Jonathan Scott, Drew Scott

Getty Jay Leno, Jonathan Scott, Drew Scott

HGTV’s Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott are no strangers to healthy competition. In fact, their show “Brother vs. Brother” is all about pitting the twins against each other to see who can add the most value to a home (with the most recent winner being Jonathan).

In a behind-the-scenes clip from their show “Celebrity IOU”, in which different celebrity guests work with the Scotts to gift a renovation to somebody important to them, Jay Leno quizzed the Scott brothers to see who is the smarter twin.

“Fun thing about twins is they may look alike and share a birthday but can be quite different intellectually,” Leno opened the video.

See Leno quiz Jonathan and Drew below.

Jay Leno Puts the Property Brothers to the Test

As Leno’s quiz began, it became apparent that he was favoring one twin with easier questions. He first asked Drew, “What color is the sky?” before moving to Jonathan to ask, “How long would it take an ant to eat a watermelon?”

This trend continued as Leno asked Drew “What happened on July 4, 1776?” (to which Drew replied “There was a celebration. Independence.”) and followed up by asking Jonathan “George Washington had a helper who worked on his land with him. What was his name?”

Drew then had to name “three typical breakfast foods” while Jonathan was asked “If you’re having breakfast in the Congo, what would you eat?” and told he was incorrect before he could get a full word out of his mouth.

Before he stormed out of the quiz, Jonathan called Leno out, asking “Are you giving preferential treatment because Drew’s wearing a typical Jay outfit?” (Leno wore a blue button-down and jeans while Drew sported a similar denim shirt and pants, which Leno called “a very attractive look”).

Drew thanked Leno for the leg up in his caption when he shared the clip on Instagram, writing, “Thanks to Jay for proving I’m smarter than Jonathan. #JayWalking”

Fans found the quiz clip hilarious, with many commenting that it is one of their favorite “Jay Walking” videos (a segment from Leno’s run on “The Tonight Show” where he would conduct man-on-the-street style interviews).

“Poor Jonathan, those questions were hard…” one fan commented.

“👏 😂 💛 – my favorite jaywalking yet!” another user wrote.

“😂 this too funny. ❤️ watching both of you,” a third fan added.

Jay Leno’s Employee Reacts to ‘Celebrity IOU’ Makeover

Leno appeared on “Celebrity IOU” to gift his employee of over 10 years, David, a home makeover ahead of David becoming a new father. While David was completely surprised by the renovation and was very appreciative in the moment, he also took to Instagram to reflect on Leno and the Property Brothers’ generosity.

“A huge surprise from [Jay Leno] and the [Property Brothers] — our growing family is so thankful to have been given so much!” David wrote in his post’s caption alongside a group photo of himself, his wife Margaret, their newborn son William, and the Scott brothers.

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