Jenny Marrs ‘Used to Cry’ Over Major Life Change

Dave and Jenny Marrs

Getty Dave and Jenny Marrs

HGTV stars Jenny and Dave Marrs have built a life for themselves and their five children, twin sons Ben and Nathan, 13, daughters Sylvie, 11, and Charlotte, 9, and son Luke, 4, at their family farm in Bentonville, Arkansas. While the family is very happy spending their time in the sprawling fields and caring for different crops and animals, Jenny admitted in an August 30 Instagram post that it was a bit of an adjustment for her.

“When we first moved out to the farm, it felt like we were in the middle of nowhere,” Jenny wrote in her post’s caption, “I used to cry about how quiet it was and how far away from everything I felt. Now, new buildings and neighborhoods are creeping their way toward us and I find myself joking with Dave about having to pick up our house again and move it further out of town. 😂”

Jenny & Dave Marrs Picked Up Their Home & Moved It

According to House Beautiful, the Marrses farmhouse was originally built in 1906. Jenny reflected on her first seeing the home in an August 2020 blog post, in which she writes that Dave was originally asked to demolish the century-old building. “I noticed the familiar gleam in his eye as he walked excitedly from room to room describing his vision: remove this wall, move the side door over here, replace that wall with windows, reconfigure the kitchen layout, replace the spiral staircase with a wooden one, and on and on. The project seemed immense. Yet, my affection for the old home was undeniable,” Jenny wrote.

Not only did the Marrses renovate the old home to raise their family in (the pair only had their twin sons Ben and Nathan at this point), they actually picked it up and moved it to the sprawling property they now call home, further out of town than it sat at the time.

Jenny chronicled this saga in another blog post, writing, “Now, I should mention that we physically moved the house to land outside of town because, if you’re going to go through all of the work to renovate an old house, you might as well pick it up and move it somewhere really pretty.”

Jenny added that, “City restrictions prohibited moving a house from one spot in the city limits to another. […] But, lucky for us, the restriction forced us to move the house out to the land Dave had purchased years before. He originally bought this land not knowing what we would ever do with it. Now, we had a vision – this is where we would raise our babies. In December of 2012, we moved the house.”

Jenny’s post included a gallery of photos of cranes and trailers moving the large home one piece at a time from its original plot of land to its current farm space.

The Family Farm is Dave Marrs ‘Happy Place’

While Jenny shared that she grew to love the Marrs family farm more and more with each day, Dave has always been a big proponent and loves to share photos and videos of farm life on his social media.

One such video came in an August 21 Instagram post, when Dave wrote “Mornings on the farm are the best! Baby cows, grapes on the vine, green grass, and peace! It’s a happy place to be for sure!” alongside a clip that showed off some of the many plants and animals that live and grow on the farm.

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