Erin Napier Explains Why Husband Ben Has Been ‘Sneaking Out’ Of the House

Erin and Ben Napier

HGTV / YouTube Erin and Ben Napier

HGTV star Erin Napier did not begin her career in the home design and renovation field. After she first graduated from Ole Miss, the “Home Town” star took a job in corporate graphic design, hoping to make money while engaging her artistic side in some way. This proved to not be enough for the Laurel, Mississippi native, who quit and opened her own stationary company, Lucky Luxe, eventually moving into the interior design space and landing her own HGTV show with her husband Ben Napier.

Now, in a September 1 Instagram post, Erin revealed that her husband has been “sneaking out” of their house for the past year to give her a birthday present a long time in the making in an effort to help her hold onto her artistic side.

See Ben’s birthday surprise for Erin below.

Ben Napier Has Been Making Erin an Art Studio in Their Barn

Erin’s post included a slideshow of photos of Ben setting a table through the window of couple’s barn and the couple enjoying a dinner for two surrounded by some recent improvements he’s made to the space, which Erin outlined in her post’s caption.

“For my birthday, he’s been sneaking out to the barn for a year slowly insulating, replacing structural beams, adding lights, cleaning out the cobwebs and piles of dirt, running down salvaged porcelain sinks, adding AC for the summer and a wood burning stove for the winter and then when it was all finished, brought in all the parts of our past lives that were in our loft,” Erin wrote, “My first business. My easel. The letter files. The desk built from the pieces of my mother’s family homestead. The glass from my studio door, Lucky Luxe. ‘I wanted you to know that painting like you did before we had the girls isn’t so far away. One day you’ll have time again and it will be ready for you.’ I didn’t ask for this. But it’s something I desperately want to get back to. I wish every one of you a [Ben] in your life who really, completely, knows you.”

Fans were impressed with Ben’s dedication to helping Erin pursue her passions while balancing their busy schedules, both personally and professionally, and took to her post’s comment section to make this clear.

“Your marriage is my dream! You two were a match made in Heaven. ❤️” one fan wrote.

“We love your love! Happy Birthday to you Erin, you are a role model for guys and gals all across the world. Thank you.” another fan commented.

Erin Napier’s Daughters Surprised Her on Her Birthday

Ben wasn’t the only one to surprise Erin on her birthday, as the couple’s two daughters Helen, 5, and Mae, 2, also got in on the fun. Ben shared a slideshow of photos and videos to his Instagram page on August 30 (Erin’s actual birthday), writing in the caption, “The girls wanted to wake mommy up, but she was already awake. They made her get back in bed so they could give her a BIG happy birthday.”

The video in Ben’s post shows Helen and Mae storming into their parents’ bedroom with Ben filming from behind as they run up to Erin and shout “Happy Birthday!” while their mother, who was already aware of the plan, played along by pretending to still be asleep.

“i love y’all so much i could cry!” Erin commented on her husband’s post.

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