Jenn Todryk Reveals She ‘Made It’ After Game Show Shoutout

Jenn Todryk

HGTV Jenn Todryk stars in "No Demo Reno" on HGTV.

What is HGTV? The popular network was one of the answers on “Jeopardy” in the Monday, January 30, 2023, episode.

The long-running game show quizzes its three contestants on a variety of topics. They are given clues and have to provide the answer in the form of a question.

The episode saw Ph. D. candidate Sarah Howard, attorney Sam Meehan and returning champion Jake DeArruda facing off. Ken Jennings was the episode’s host.

One of the categories in the first round was “Channeling the TV Shows.” All of the clues were series and the contestants had to provide the network they originally aired on. Howard chose the category’s clue worth $400.

HGTV clue on Jeopardy


“‘No Demo Reno’ & ‘Flipping 101’ live there,” Jennings read aloud. Meehan was the first to buzz in, answering, “What is HGTV?”

In the end, DeArruda held onto his title.

Jenn Todryk’s Dad Told Her She Finally ‘Made It’ After Being a ‘Jeopardy’ Clue

Fans were quick to send the clip to “Flipping 101” host Tarek El Moussa and “No Demo Reno” star Jenn Todryk.

Both shared the moment on their Instagram Stories, with Todryk sharing mind blown emojis.

In another slide on her Instagram Story, Todryk shared a sweet exchange she had with a fan over her brief “Jeopardy” fame.

“Jenn, your show was a answer/question on Jeopardy tonight. You. Have. Arrived. [party emoji],” the fan messaged her.

The 34-year-old responded, “My dad said, you were on jeopardy, you’ve made it. [three rolling on the floor laughing emojis].”

Poking fun at Jenning’s mispronunciation of her show’s title, she added, “No demo reeeeeeeno [rolling on the floor laughing emoji and dead emoji].”

Todryk was not the only one who noticed Jenning’s unexpected pronunciation. One viewer even took to Twitter to correct the “Jeopardy” champion.

“You blew it today in the 1st round when you pronounced the title of the HGTV show No Demo Reno You pronounced Reno as though it was Reno, NV when it’s Reno short for Renovation(s),” the tweet on January 30, 2023, read. “Bad Ken. [winking emoji] Happy Monday!”

Another viewer responded, “I was shocked he made a mistake!”

HGTV Has Appeared on ‘Jeopardy’ Before

Monday’s episode was not the first time an answer on Jeopardy was “What is HGTV?”

The network has come up multiple times throughout the years, including in 2015, 2016 and 2018.

Fans have shared previous clues on Twitter, which included, “‘Income Property’: on this TV network,” “Cable network where you’ll find ‘Listed Sisters’ & ‘Property Brothers,’” and “This cable channel has more than 30 shows with ‘Flip’ in their titles.”

Jonathan Scott revealed his hit show was also an answer in 2019, taking to Twitter with a screenshot of the clue. It read, “Jonathan & Drew Scott, the stars of this HGTV real estate series & its spin-offs, share their story in ‘It Takes Two.’”

The answer was “What are the ‘Property Brothers?’” But, as Jonathan quipped on Twitter, “‘What is Two ugly dudes with a reno to do’? I hope Alex convinces him to spend the $1200 on a killer game room renovation…I can help ;)”

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