Jonathan Scott Shares ‘Satisfying’ Demo Tip

Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott

Getty Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott

HGTV host and “Property Brother” Jonathan Scott is known to share construction and demo tips on his Instagram, and this week’s tip proved to be very satisfying, according to the host.

“When it comes to removing tile, I recommend using a small flat pry bar. Keep it flat to the wall and pry against the studs. It’s basically demo therapy. #TipTuesdays” Jonathan captioned a video of him sliding multiple tiles off of a wall with ease using the same flat pry bar he recommends.

“Forget the satisfaction of ripping a bandaid off, this is way more satisfying,” the host says about watching the tiles fly off of the wall. Jonathan then reaches some tiles that are extra stuck on the wall. He realizes he isn’t able to get his pry bar behind these tiles after a few pieces chip off, and says “That part’s less satisfying.”

See Jonathan’s post below:

Fans Share Satisfying Tips of Their Own With ‘Property Brothers’ Jonathan

Fans enjoyed Jonathan Scott’s tile demo tip, and many took to his comments with praise for Jonathan, words of encouragement, and even tips of their own.

“Super satisfying! Like when it took us approximately 12 seconds to rip up our laminate wood floors,” one fan wrote.

“I used a putty knife & a hammer to take the awful tile off our bathroom walls,” said another fan.

Although many in the comments enjoyed Jonathan’s look into the demolition and renovation process, one fan had a different approach to the demo than Jonathan. The fan commented, “I am not into that type of manual labor I leave it up the professionals.”

The most important reaction is that of Jonathan himself, who found the exercise to be very enjoyable, telling one fan in the comments “I could do this all day everyday.”

Jonathan Shares Renovation Tips Every Week in #TipTuesdays Series

#TipTuesdays is a series of posts on Jonathan Scott’s Instagram, in which he shares behind-the-scenes tips from his renovation projects in progress. Jonathan recently started the #TipTuesdays campaign, and fans are really appreciative.

“I love to do the things where a professional isn’t absolutely needed! Tips, tricks and tools are all appreciated!! Can’t wait to see what’s next!” one fan commented on Jonathan’s first #TipTuesdays post.

Another #TipTuesdays post, in which Jonathan reminds viewers to know their limits with demolition, and not try to DIY-ing every element of their own home renovation, but rather to bring in professionals for all electrical, plumbing, and stonework that needs to be done, in either the demolition or renovation.

One fan was happy to share that they’ve already been following this advice, commenting, “Painting is all we can handle. Flooring people coming next week. Ya wouldn’t wanna come help us put new baseboard trim in, would ya??”

“That’s why we have an awesome kitchen, my father in law is an carpenter, my husband is an engineer and I’m quite good at designing, because I’m a goldsmith, photographer and very creative. 😁” wrote another fan.

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