Jonathan Scott Shows Appreciation for Zooey Deschanel on Her Instagram

Zooey Deschanel and Jonathan Scott

Getty Zooey Deschanel and Jonathan Scott are photographed together in 2020.

Actress Zooey Deschanel has been in a relationship with HGTV personality Jonathan Scott for over two years. Since the couple started dating, they have publicly voiced their appreciation for each other. 

On September 15, Deschanel took to Instagram to show off a Farmstand from her company Lettuce Grow, which she co-founded with her ex-husband Jacob Pechenik. According to the company’s website, “[t]he self-watering, self-fertilizing Farmstand makes it easy to grow your own food at home.” The actress stood next to the product while wearing a white T-shirt underneath overalls. In the post’s caption, the “New Girl” star referred to herself as a “modern farm girl.” 

Jonathan was quick to respond to the post. He noted that he was grateful for her green thumb and cooking skills. 

“Your culinary expertise and our farm stand combined make me a very lucky cat! [face savouring delicious food],” wrote the “Property Brothers” star. 

Many social media users also decided to compliment the “Elf” actress in the comments section. 

“[Y]ou’re the cutest person that’s ever lived,” asserted one fan. 

“You are always so beautiful,” added another social media user. 

“Most beautiful flower in the garden,” chimed in a different commenter. 

Zooey Deschanel Spoke About The Farm Project in 2018

Zooey Deschanel and Jacob Pechenik also established The Farm Project. While speaking to Larry King in 2018, the actress explained that the goal of the company was “to make local, sustainable food more affordable and accessible for people because it’s more nutritious and it’s better for the environment.” 

“We’re a multi-pronged initiative so we are helping with infrastructure, logistics,” said the actress. “We have a whole media initiative where we’re educating people and showing them how to grow their own food, you know… we’re trying to make it easier because it’s difficult to be a farmer in this country, it’s very difficult to have a small farm. They have to work in the field all day and then they have to go home and do spreadsheets and manage the business. And there’s big agriculture and that’s you know, that’s a lot of these big crops like soybeans, corn, and wheat but when you are growing produce on a small level, it’s a lot more difficult and so we want to make it easier and we want to make it more accessible for like the everyday person to get those things because it’s healthier.” 

Jonathan Scott Discussed Zooey Deschanel’s Love of Baking in 2020

In September 2020, Jonathan Scott and Zooey Deschanel appeared on the “At Home with Linda & Drew Scott” podcast, hosted by Drew Scott and his wife, Linda Phan. Jonathan shared that he is impressed with his girlfriend’s baking abilities and generosity. 

“She’s an expert. So when we first started dating she would pick me up at the airport and there would be like a basket with like fresh baked goods or like something to eat for dinner or whatever. It was just like the most delightful thing,” said the HGTV personality. 

Deschanel then revealed that she shares her appreciation for baking with her mother, Mary Jo Deschanel

“Growing up my mom made popovers or Yorkshire puddings, they’re called popovers sometimes. My mom made them all the time on weekends for brunch, so that’s one of the things I like to make,” said the actress.

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