Keith Bynum Shares ‘Very Cool’ Feature of 100-Year-Old Home

Keith Bynum

HGTV Keith Bynum

It’s no secret that HGTV’s Keith Bynum has a love for old homes, and after discovering a home he was working on was 100 years old, the “Bargain Block” co-host couldn’t keep his excitement to himself.

“This is very cool to me! 100 years old. And in great shape! Hope I look this good at 100 lol #oldhouses #1923 #veryneat,” Bynum wrote in a June 22 Instagram post which featured images of the home’s inspection card, nailed into one of the walls. The card showed proof of the home’s original inspection from July 31, 2023, meaning the home was built 100 years ago and will reach the official 100-year marker of its inspection in late July 2023.

See Bynum’s artifact below.

Fans Are Enthralled by Bynum’s ‘Piece of History’

Fans and followers of the Detroit designer’s were just as interested in the historical inspection record as Bynum, and left multiple comments on his post confirming this.

“That deserves to be framed!! Pieces of history are so amazing!” one fan wrote.

“Love it! I admit I was confused at first because I looked at the photo but didn’t read the caption right away. *1923* haha,” another user added.

“Awesome find! Twenty-five yrs ago when we constructed our home, we buried a time capsule in a wall. We hope someone finds it in the future when we no longer exist. We wrote our story to preserve the information and journey of buying and building here. ♥️” a third user added, sharing their own experience.

Bynum spoke about his love for historical homes in a 2022 interview with, where he explained, “I love finding historic elements in a house. Even some of the smaller houses, they were built back in the ’20s and ’30s, and Detroit really was at its peak at that time. Even the smaller houses have beautiful detail. There’s a lot of coved ceilings, the trim work is nice. If you come across a fireplace, oftentimes they’ll have beautiful original tile. So I get very emotionally connected to some of those elements of the houses that somebody, at some point, put a lot of love and a lot of time into whatever element it is, and I think it’s good that we try to preserve that. I think it’s worth the effort to kind of save it.”

Bynum’s partner and co-host Evan Thomas chimed in as well, saying, “Not all of the houses are able to save much because some of them are so dilapidated that you just kind of have to start from the ground up. So when we can find a historical element that we really like, and we’re able to save, we always do.”

Keith Bynum & Evan Thomas Hosted a ‘Festival of the Arts’

Besides their work on homes in the Detroit area and many HGTV appearances, Bynum and Thomas have been keeping busy getting ready for their “Festival of the Arts”, which took place on June 17, 2023. According to their business, NINE Design + Homes’, website, featured art from over 40 artists, as well as food trucks and activities (including a furniture rehab tips workshop led by the HGTV stars themselves).

A couple of days after the event, Bynum shared on Instagram that “the art show went off beautifully”, however he has yet to oblige one fan in the comment section who asked for photos from the event, though one user who was in attendance has shared some of their own snapshots from the day.

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