Khalil ‘Commish’ Wadood, Snoop Dogg’s Friend: 5 Fast Facts

Snoop Dogg, Jonathan and Drew Scott and Khalil “Commish” Wadoo

HGTV Snoop Dogg, Jonathan and Drew Scott and Khalil “Commish” Wadood on “Celebrity IOU.”

Khalil “Commish” Wadood is the commissioner of the Snoop Youth Football League and longtime friend of Snoop Dogg. The famous rapper teamed up with HGTV‘s Drew and Jonathan Scott to surprise him with an office makeover on “Celebrity IOU.”

“Commish is a giver,” Snoop said in a press release. “Anytime you have someone that does more giving than receiving, you feel like you’ve got to give them something to help them understand what they do when they help people. He inspires a lot of people, so I wanted to give him something that he could be inspired by.”

Now in its third season, “Celebrity IOU” sees stars like Snoop partner with the “Property Brothers” stars to surprise important people in their lives.

Here is what you need to know:

1. Wadood & Snoop Dogg Have Been Friends for 16 Years

Wadood and Snoop have a long history together. The two have been friends for 16 years, according to HGTV.

Commish spoke about their friendship in a clip obtained by People. “The way me and this guy connect and vibe from day one, you would just think we grew up together like I’ve known him my whole life,” Wadood says. “He has done so much for me.”

2. Wadood Is the Commissioner of the Snoop Youth Football League

Wadood is the commissioner of the Snoop Youth Football League, with Snoop crediting him for much of its success.

“This man means the world to me,” Snoop told HGTV. “He took my football league to a whole other level. This is something I wanted to do for him to just let him know I love him and I care about him. He never dreamed of it or wanted it, but it still is a dream come true.”

Wadood spoke with TMZ Sports about the league in 2015, telling the outlet, “I’m extremely proud to have coached and mentored these young men.”

He added, “I speak on behalf of Snoop and my entire SYFL staff and all the coaches and volunteers. We just want to thank the parents for trusting in us and believing in us in building a foundation for these kids in giving them the opportunity for helping them achieve their goals on becoming a great player and teammates.”

3. Wadood’s Garage Will Be Transformed Into a ‘Personalized Luxury Retreat’

Wadood does much of his work for the Snoop Youth Football League out of his home, so Snoop decides to transform his detached garage into a “personalized luxury retreat” featuring an office, according to HGTV.

Fans will see Snoop getting his hands dirty. According to the press release, he will “saw down walls, jackhammer an old concrete floor and choose the modern black and white design elements that help create a kitchen, living space and outdoor patio with high-end style and high-tech finishes.”

“Good Lord have mercy,” Wadood says in a clip obtained by People. “When the blindfold came off…I thought I was like on vacation somewhere. This Compton?”

4. Wadood Has a Son

Wadood is a father to his son, Jaleel. The younger Wadood is a football player, who in 2021, joined the Indoor Football League with the Arizona Rattlers.

After high school, Jaleel went on to play at the University of California, Los Angeles.

“Across his college tenure, Wadood racked up 286 total tackles, 15 passes defended, nine tackles-for-loss, three interceptions, two forced fumbles and one sack,” according to the Rattlers’ website. “By the end of his college career, Wadood’s 286 tackles ranked 18th in school history.”

5. Wadood & Snoop Get Emotional

Drew and Jonathan teased an emotional season of “Celebrity IOU” and that includes Snoop’s surprise for Wadood.

“As soon as they cry, we cry,” Drew told People ahead of its season 3 premiere. “We did get tears out of Halle Berry. Actually, we got tears out of Snoop [Dogg], which I was very surprised by.”

He added, “A lot of these celebrities are big teddy bears and as soon as push comes to shove, there are waterworks.”

The outlet also reported Commish sheds a few tears.

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