Lyndsay Lamb & Leslie Davis Announce New Show

Leslie Davis & Lyndsay Lamb

Heavy/HGTV/YouTube Leslie Davis & Lyndsay Lamb

HGTV stars Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis are having a big year. Not only was their series “Unsellable Houses” picked up for a fifth season by the network, they were also recently named the “Rock the Block” season 5 champions, and now they’ve announced a brand new show that will bring them even closer to fans.

“Ready for even more #TWINWIN 🥳 We are SOOOO excited to announce our brand new podcast: ‘Twin Win Unfiltered’,” the twins shared in an April 16 Instagram post. “Get ready for candid conversations unveiling the reality behind the camera, laugh-out-loud moments from our off-screen adventures, running a business with your sister and even the hilarious chaos of raising teenage boys. This podcast will show you a side of @thelyndsaylamb and @thelesliedavis that’s as real as it gets!”

Lyndsay Lamb & Leslie Davis Are Starting a New Podcast

Lamb and Davis released a trailer for their new podcast on April 16, although the first episode’s premiere date has yet to be announced.

“We’ll be talking about all the things we wish we could share but we have too many people around us filtering us at all times,” Lamb said, with Davis adding, “It’s called a social media director.”

The twins discussed how they are filtered on social media and on their HGTV show (as with all HGTV shows, “Unsellable Houses” has to edit and condense the footage they get into hour-long episodes).

Lamb went on to add, “This is not a podcast for those that love the wholesomeness, the family aspect, the kindness, the pure heart. This is the podcast for those that want to know the truth, that want to know the real dirt on what it’s like to be businesswomen, mothers, successful, beautiful women in this world. I mean, am I wrong?”

While Davis didn’t disagree with her sister, she did “emphasize that we’re still genuine, we’re still kind, we still have good hearts. That’s all still going to be on the podcast because that’s who we are.”

Fans React to the ‘Twin Win Unfiltered’ Announcement

Fans were thrilled by the podcast announcement, and took to the twins’ Instagram comment section to share their reactions.

“TWINWIN 👯‍♀️ What a blessing it is to have a twin sister. I always tell mine, ‘I am so happy that egg split’ lol,” one user wrote.

“So great that you are doing this. ❤️ TWINWIN,” another fan added.

“So happy for your RTB win‼️You made me cry🥲! TWINWIN,” a third user commented.

Many users congratulated the pair on their “Rock the Block” win, which the pair also celebrated in an April 15 Instagram post. “It is such an amazing opportunity to get to compete amongst a group of the most talented designers and such an honor to come home with A #TWINWIN!! 🥳. It took literal blood, sweat and tears to get here but WE DID IT 🎉 We couldn’t be more proud of the design of our home and of each other. The block is no joke, this has been one of the most challenging experiences we have faced but we are so thankful to have gone through it together ❤️,” the pair wrote of their experience filming (and winning) their second season of HGTV’s hit competition series.

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