Fans Think They’ve Spotted ‘Naked’ Ben Napier in Erin Napier’s Latest Post

Ben and Erin Napier

Heavy/HGTV/YouTube Ben and Erin Napier

HGTV stars often bare everything on camera, or nearly everything. “Home Town” star Erin Napier took to Instagram on April 13 to let fans know about the upcoming April 14 episode of the series, and while users were excited about the new episode, most of them were surprised at the first photo in her post, which showed husband Ben Napier cooling off in front of a sprinkler.

“At first Thought Ben was enjoying the natural look!!!!!” one fan wrote, with another adding, “I wasn’t expecting a naked Ben in my feed! 😂. I’m sure he has shorts on but i had to double take!”

The photo showed Ben shirtless, with the water from the sprinkler obscuring his lower half. At first glance, it looked like the woodworker was completely naked, though Erin responded to the first fan comment to clarify that he was wearing, “khaki shorts!”

Ben Napier’s Brother Comments on His Sprinkler Photo

“SMH I thought you were supposed to set an example on social media,” Ben’s younger brother jokingly commented, with Erin responding, “i mean the children could see!”

“Dude, I wasn’t expecting that 😂 but i see now he’s got shorts on,” a fan added.

“Giiiiiiirl I thought you were out here exposing your whole husband 😂,” another user wrote.

Erin gave more context to the photo of Ben in front of the sprinkler in her post’s caption, where she wrote, “SUNDAY night April 14, another brand new #HGTVHomeTown : this time we give Italian country vibes to a suburban ranch for a couple moving here from New Jersey in the absolute most brutal heat wave I can remember in my lifetime. It was just so hot. So. HOT. And this house. It was a builder grade flip that made us emotional at the end with’s largest and most beautiful build ever ever. The Tommarazzos had never had a dining room before and THERE WILL BE TEARS. 🥹.”

Erin’s post also included a photo of one of the couple’s daughters sitting in front of a bucket of ice while sporting a popsicle-print swimsuit.

While most of the comments focused on the confusion with Ben in the first photo, one user chimed in to compliment the latest “Home Town” season, writing, “This season has been on fire! Each episode has been unique and Ben’s jokes are funnier too! 😜 😜.”

Erin Napier Teased a Big Development Set for 2025

Although Erin is finally able to talk about the episodes of “Home Town” that she and Ben filmed last year, there are some projects that she isn’t able to divulge too much on yet.

Erin shared a photo on April 12, featuring herself, Ben, her cousin Jim Rasberry and his wife/Erin’s best friend Mallorie Rasberry, and their friend Joshua Nowell standing inside of a building that appears to be under construction. “up to something so big in 2025 (can you guess?) #hgtvhometown,” Erin captioned her post. While the Napier’s weren’t revealing anything else to fans, many shared their own guesses.

“The building at Jones College named after you & Ben!” one fan guessed in the comment section.

“A Hallmark movie, and you all are the stars!!! 😋,” another user posited.

“Home Town Inn 😃,” a third fan added.

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