Lyndsay Lamb Introduces Her Son to the Family Business

Lyndsay Lamb

Heavy/HGTV/YouTube Lyndsay Lamb

HGTV star and newest “Rock the Block” champion Lyndsay Lamb first opened her own Real Estate firm in 2009, and since then she has always enjoyed getting to work with family, namely her twin sister Leslie Davis. Now, the “Unsellable Houses” stars are bringing another member of the family, Lyndsay’s 19-year-old son Miles Lamb, into the family business.

In an April 24 Instagram post, Lyndsay and Miles were pictured arm-in-arm, while Lyndsay wrote in her caption, “Nothing is better than getting to work with the people you love everyday ❤️ So proud of @miles.lambandcorealestate for kicking butt as a Real Estate Agent these last few months!”

Fans React to Lyndsay Lamb’s Son Joining Lamb & Co. Real Estate

Fans and followers took to Lyndsay’s comment section to share their reactions to her son joining the family business.

“Congrats I’ve tried to get my son in it but he’s not interested. It’s not the easiest profession 🤣 🤣but he would be great,” one fan wrote.

“We are SO grateful he is our agent! He’s doing a wonderful job,” one of Miles’ clients chimed in.

“Miles did a walk through of my husbands family home the other day. It was exciting to see that Lamb name on the business card. Hopefully we get a good sale soon. ❤️,” one fan wrote, adding in a response hours later, “Wow! I didn’t realize I was manifesting. Just signed a sales agreement for the house.”

“I mean he does have two very awesome mentors. Congrats to him though for carving his path in the world of real estate,” another fan added.

One user tried to manifest a collaboration between Lyndsay and Leslie and their “Rock the Block” competitors Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas. They wrote, “Now Miles… you know you have to hold it together while your mum and Auntie go to Detroit to do some Houses with Uncle Keith and Uncle Evan.. yeah!!!!!” to which Lyndsay replied, “🙌 🙌 🙌 Yes Please.”

Leslie Davis is On Board With Her Nephew Joining the Family Business

According to his business Instagram page, Miles officially joined Lamb & Co. Real Estate in February 2024. Since joining, he has gotten to collaborate with both his mother and aunt Leslie. Miles and Leslie shared a humorous Instagram post on March 13, with Leslie captioning the post, “Apparently real estate runs in the family… 🤗 And I’ll take all of the credit (sorry @thelyndsaylamb 💁‍♀️).”

“When you’ve been a real estate agent for 12 years and your nephew wants to be just like you,” Leslie wrote on the video itself, during which she lipsynced along to the audio of Kourtney Kardashian saying, “It’s just not cool that you copy me. I go to lengths to try to get things that not everybody has.”

Miles “responded” to his aunt with his own lipsync to Kris Jenner’s response to Kourtney, mouthing back, “Okay well I can’t return those.”

“Which one is Khloe and which is Kourtney? 😂” Lyndsay commented on the video.

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