‘Holmes Family Rescue’ Stars Michael Jr. & Sherry Holmes on Going into the Family Business

Holmes Family Rescue stars Sherry, Michael Jr and Mike Holmes

HGTV ‘Holmes Family Rescue’ stars Sherry, Michael Jr. and Mike Holmes

These days, “Holmes Family Rescue” stars Sherry and Michael Holmes Jr. work alongside their dad Mike. But as the HGTV siblings revealed to Heavy, that was not always the plan.

“I absolutely did not think that construction was a viable career for me,” Sherry, 34, said when speaking with Heavy. She added, “I wanted to just continue backpacking the world and do odd jobs, I didn’t really care what I did for a living.”

She continued, “And then my dad finally convinced me to give, you know, the construction crew a try when I was 21 years old. I agreed and I did probably one of the hardest and the best jobs of my life and I’ve never gone back.”

Her brother started when he was 14 years old. Michael Jr., 32, explained to Heavy, “He essentially said to me, ‘How’d you like to go make some money for the summer?’ and, you know, as a 14-year-old boy ‘I’d love some money.’”

Falling “in love with the trade,” the “Holmes and Holmes” host added that he “loved working with my hands. You know, it’s grown so much over the years. It’s been 18 years now working with my dad, so that’s over half my life, so I must like what I do.”

Since going to work for their father, the Canada-based family has made a name for themselves with “Holmes on Holmes,” “Holmes Inspection” and “Holmes Makes It Right.”

Working Together Has Changed Their Family Dynamic

The patriarch, Mike, is happy to be working with his kids. “Working with family is one of the greatest things because, one, in construction you don’t have a life and I never really did see my kids when I was younger,” he told Heavy.

But it certainly changed their family dynamic, with Michael referring to his father as more of a “brother.”

“I think he is still my father but at the same time I think we have more of a, more of a friendship going on which is very important,” Sherry elaborated. “I have that respect for a parent, of course, but we also have that playful dynamic with each other and I think I can probably get away with a little bit more.”

Though, Michael Jr. admits there were “growing pains.” He told Heavy, “Imagine you’re a young boy, you’re not a man yet, you’re not an adult yet and you’re having to find yourself, figure yourself out while figuring out your place in your career, working for your dad, so there’s a lot of elements, but it’s been, it hasn’t always been a smooth road, but we’re closer now than ever.”

He continued, “And I mean that, honestly. We truly have fun together. We love working with each other. We laugh, we laugh more than we don’t. It’s a really fun environment.”

The Holmes Family Grows Throughout the Season

Their family grows during this season of “Holmes Family Rescue.”

As Mike explained, “My daughter Sherry not only got pregnant at the beginning of the season but had a baby during the show and that has been one wonderful experience in television working with the kids.”

Sherry welcomed her second child, Oaklyn Summer Holmes Steed, on October 6, 2021. As she announced on Instagram, “Weighing in at a whopping 8lbs 3oz (bigger than big Sister), #BabyO came five days late; right when she felt like it.”

Fans got a glimpse at her new bundle of joy during their “Holmes for the Holiday” special. Sherry and her husband Blake Steed are also parents to Cali Kay, 2.

New episodes of “Holmes Family Rescue” air on Saturdays at 8 p.m. Eastern time on HGTV.

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