Evan Thomas Says He ‘Didn’t Trust’ ‘Rock the Block’ Producers ‘At All’

Evan Thomas

Heavy/HGTV/YouTube Evan Thomas

HGTV star Keith Bynum took to social media after the premiere of “Rock the Block” season 5, episode 6 to share his disappointment at losing out on the Surprise Bedroom Redemption win, which was judged by their fellow competitors. Now, his partner Evan Thomas is joining the conversation.

“What did yall think of the mystery space challenge? Honestly we found it to be pretty fun! The shopping race was a blast and then designing and building a whole space so quickly really fell into our wheel house, I feel like. Keith also got to do some pretty awesome art too! Overall, I think the room turned out beautiful and functional ❤️,” Thomas wrote in the caption of an April 11 Instagram post. “Now the real question is, what did yall think of the judging loll?”

Fans Question ‘Rock the Block’ Judging

Thomas went on in his caption, writing, “Was there some low balling going on? Keith and I decided to judge very fairly because it’s the right thing to do, plus we didn’t trust production at all (the lead producers are professional liars and manipulators but that’s a story for another day lol). But did the other teams reciprocate that, and if so, which ones? We’ll never know! 😉.”

“SPILL THAT PRODUCTION TEAM TEA!!! ☕️ 🫖,” one fan commented on the post, with Thomas replying, “In due time my dear 😉.”

Despite his big claims, Thomas’s remarks may have been flippant given the repeated winking emoji. After Bynum commented, “The truth will come out on the abuse and the lies. I can’t wait!!!” Thomas replied, “This comment section took a turn! 😂.”

Sarah Baeumler, whose craft room beat the “Bargain Block” boys’ design during the episode, chimed in in the comment section. “Well you know we couldn’t vote for our own spaces so don’t look at me 😆 – needless to say, I loved what you guys did with the space & I’m honoured to have shared the tie with you for the living room❤️. As I said during judging – this whole season has been a battle (in more ways than one) – but getting to know you both has been incredible!” Baeumler wrote.

“You know we love y’all, seeing what y’all went thru was hard to watch. This has nothing to do with winning or losing, it’s bigger. Love you both,” Bynum replied to Baeumler.

“Considering your show is the highest rated out of the bunch, and social media is buzzing on your behalf, they should rethink this bs,” another fan commented on the post. In his response, Thomas wrote, “Or is the buzz the whole point? 🤔”

“Evan had time TODAY! 💅🏾,” Shea Whitfield, the boys’ friend and “Bargain Block” co-star wrote, adding in another comment, “You did an amazing job! Adding value is key, and you did THAT! 👏🏾 👏🏾 👏🏾.”

Keith Bynum & Evan Thomas Shared Their Only ‘Rock the Block’ Weekly Win

With only the finale left before the end of “Rock the Block”‘s redemption season, Bynum and Thomas have officially only won one weekly challenge across their two seasons competing on the show, which may add to their feelings of disappointment or distrust.

Bynum and Thomas wowed judges Brian and Mika Kleinschmidt with their Living Room Redemption in episode 2 of the season, however they weren’t the only ones with a winning living room area, literally. The Kleinschmidts were torn between their living room and another team’s and in an unprecedented move, they decided to award both teams the win in a series-first tie. So while Bynum and Thomas only have one win, it is also a shared win with Sarah and her husband Bryan Baeumler.

Fans can tune in to HGTV on Monday, April 15, at 9 p.m. Eastern to see if Bynum and Thomas can best their competitors with total value added and take home the win in the “Rock the Block” season 5 finale.

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