‘Rock the Block’ Judge Lands Premiere Date for New HGTV Series


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HGTV’s newest host Veronica Valencia is not a stranger to the network, as she appeared earlier this year as a guest judge on season 4 of “Rock the Block”, where she and “Windy City Rehab” star Alison Victoria teamed up to choose the winner of the Lower Level Face-Off.

Now, Valencia is leaving the competition setting behind as she prepares for the premiere of her own show on the network, “Revealed”, where she incorporates her clients’ family history and heritage into her home designs for them. HGTV announced in a press release that “Revealed” will premiere on Thursday, June 29, at 10 p.m. Eastern.

“As a Mexican and Native American designer, culture and tradition have always played a vital role in my life,” Valencia said of her new series, “I’ve been inspired to tell a family’s story through design in over 600 home renovations, and I believe that discovering our roots can profoundly influence every aspect of our lives.”

Veronica Valencia is Moving From Behind the Camera to In Front of It

Valencia is thrilled to have a premiere date for her new series, and for the outpouring of support that she received from fans and followers upon the premiere date announcement.

“I am truly overwhelmed with the amount of support and love shown towards the official release date of our little baby #HGTVRevealed. For those of you who don’t know me, this has been YEARSSSS in the making,” Valencia wrote in a June 2 Instagram post.

Valencia went on to elaborate about the journey her career has taken her on to get to this point, writing, “I’m 37 and I’ve been in the design industry for 20 years, and 15 of those years have been running the behind-the-scenes design teams for some of the most well known makeover shows on television. […] at 22 I hopped on my first airplane ride ever to join the design team for ‘Extreme Makeover: Home Edition'”.

Valencia also admitted that she asked for her HGTV show, after putting in years and years of work behind the scenes.

One show that she gained experience on prior to appearing in front of the camera was “Help! I Wrecked My House”, with host Jasmine Roth, where Valencia worked as a production designer.

Fellow HGTV Share Excitement for ‘Revealed’ & Veronica Valencia

Fans, followers, and friends alike sent Valencia a great deal of love and encouragement upon learning that she landed a premiere date for her new series, letting her know their thoughts in her post’s comment section.

“The day I met you I fell in love!!! You are the most genuine, caring, loving person I’ve met in years. Always love when we spend time together. I am so happy and proud of all your accomplishments. I will be glued to the TV rooting you on! Xx Jon,” wrote Jonathan Knight from “Farmhouse Fixer” (whom Valencia awarded the win on her “Rock the Block” episode).

“I’m pumped for this!!! 😍🔥”, commented “No Demo Reno” star Jenn Todryk.

“Ok… I’m not crying!!! What a beautiful and inspiring journey! I’m forever grateful to you for the time, advice, and encouragement you’ve given to me this past year. I’m so excited to see your heart and soul on the big screen. I have no doubt everyone will fall in love with you and your beautiful designs,” Mary Tjon Joe Pin from “Two Steps Home” added.

“QUEEEEEN” added “Down Home Fab” host (and former “Teen Mom” star) Chelsea DeBoer.

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