Tarek El Moussa Shares His Favorite Place to Escape

Tarek and Heather El Moussa

Heavy/HGTV/YouTube Tarek and Heather El Moussa

Beyond his real estate flipping career, El Moussa is working on producing plenty of new renovation shows, celebrating the release of his second book, and spending quality time with his family.

In a March 11 Instagram post, Tarek shared a pair of photos of himself with his youngest son, 1-year-old Tristan, and his wife Heather El Moussa, standing among the trees in a forest. “Where is your favorite place to escape?🏔️ 🏖️ For us, it’s the mountains right outside of LA. It’s where Heather grew up and where I used to visit as a kid. It’s where we feel most at peace and can clear our minds of all the craziness back home. Our kids absolutely love it and seeing the smile on their faces when they’re here makes it all worth it. So let me know below where your favorite places to escape are! Curious to know if most people will say the beach over the mountains.. 😎,” Tarek captioned his photo.

Fans Shared Their Own Happy Places

Fans, friends, and family all took to Tarek’s post to share their happy places and secret escapes. Heather added her own comment in response to Tarek wondering if fans would say the mountains or the beach, writing, “Both for different reasons ❤ ❤ ❤” on her husband’s post, and getting Tarek to respond, “Agreed! 🏔️ ❤️ 🏝️.”

“A lake at the bottom of the mountains 🥲 fell in love with the landscape in Interlaken, Switzerland and am excited to find some similar places in the states!” one fan wrote.

“Beach all day. My absolute favorite beach to go is Ocracoke Island. It’s very serene place where my family and I can reconnect, relax and unwind from the rest of the world. Plus our pups are allowed there all year round without any issues from anyone,” another user added.

“Definitely the mountains! Feels more like a true escape from the everyday and you feel so close to nature. The beauty of the mountains is unmatched! The beach is usually hot and crowded and involves bringing a bunch of ‘stuff’,” a third user shared.

Tarek El Moussa Spent Quality Time With His Son Brayden

After his nature getaway, Tarek shared another post on March 15 highlighting some quality time he spent with his 8-year-old son Brayden chaperoning a school field trip.

“Monkeying around with Bray! We had a fun day at the zoo for his school’s field trip. Bray was excited to see the monkeys and leopards! 🐒🐆 What’s your favorite animal?” Tarek captioned the post.

Tarek opened up with E! News in February 2024 to explain that he and Brayden both have ADHD. “He’s ADHD, a little anxious, a little jumpy. And we’ve been having so much fun focusing on sports with him—jujitsu, soccer and he’s obsessed with basketball.”

Tarek spoke with Heavy later in February about his experience with the condition, and giving advice to parents and teachers who may recognize the symptoms in children they see every day. “The number one thing parents and teachers need to do is be understanding,” Tarke told Heavy. “The kid isn’t doing these things to be bad. The kid’s doing these things because they can’t help themselves. It’s very important to understand that, acknowledge that and accept that.”

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