Ty Pennington Talks Disagreeing With ‘Rock the Block’ Judges: EXCLUSIVE

Ty Pennington

Heavy/HGTV/YouTube Ty Pennington

HGTV’s “Rock the Block” draws in quite a few fans, who each week form their own opinions on which of the four different renovations is their favorite. While not all fans will agree with the judges each week, one person has to keep his opinions to himself: Ty Pennington.

The “Rock the Block” host spoke with Heavy about his 24 years in television while promoting his new series of commercial spots for Caesars Slots mobile gaming app, and along the way, he shared some of his expert opinion when it comes to “Rock the Block” renovations.

When asked if he’s ever disagreed with the judging in a past episode of the series, Pennington said, “Of course! I mean, look, art is subjective. Everyone is going to have something that appeals to them and maybe not somebody else. So that’s why it is so interesting.”

Ty Pennington Shares What He Looks for in Renovations

Pennington went on to share some of his tastes with Heavy, highlighting the difference between adding value (as the four competing teams will have to do if they hope to win “Rock the Block” season 5) through utility versus adding a beautiful element that contributes to a home’s aesthetic without increasing an appraisal value.

“Two dishwashers may add extra value but what else could you do with the space? Value is one thing but also just the beauty of design is another. But making something beautiful doesn’t necessarily add value to it. But it does to someone like me because I care about the beauty probably more than the existential value,” he said.

“So to me it’s about the vision, what do you see when you look at a space?” Pennington continued. “It’s more the artistry that I’m really drawn to. But that’s because I’ve been a designer on television. I want things to be visually absolutely stunning. I’ve never really cared about the market value, but that’s what the show is, because it makes sense. You want to add the most value, and that usually means adding square footage in some weird way.”

Fans React to 1st ‘Rock the Block’ Tie

While fans don’t always agree with “Rock the Block” judges, season 5 episode 2 of the series saw the judges disagreeing with each other. Brian and Mika Kleinschmidt (“100 Day Dream Home”) evaluated the living room spaces and ended up in a deadlock, awarding the win to two teams (“Bargain Block” stars Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas and “Renovation Island” stars Bryan and Sarah Baeumler) in a series-first tie.

Keith shared a look at his and Evan’s finished design in a March 12 Instagram post and fans flocked to his comment section to share their opinions.

“That was a total win! Not a shared one,” one fan wrote, with another commenting, “You both should have been sole winner. You added more appraisal value. Your work was perfect. 👏👏.”

The Baeumlers had their share of supporters who thought they were just as worthy of their win, with fans taking to the comments of Sarah’s March 13 Instagram post as well.

“Your design is just incomparable. It shows that you guys are on a whole different level!! The others are good but yours and Brian’s just wow. ❤😍,” one fan wrote, with another adding, “The ceiling on a whole other level. Absolutely beautiful.”

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