HGTV Announces the Future of ‘Ugliest House in America’

Alison Victoria and Retta

Heavy/YouTube/Discovery Plus Alison Victoria and Retta star in HGTV's "Ugliest House in America."

HGTV continues its hunt for the wackiest and tackiest homes, announcing in a press release that “Ugliest House in America” was renewed for an additional two seasons.

The series follows host Retta as she tours “properties nominated by homeowners who believe their place is one of the worst in the country,” according to the series description. The winning property will receive a $150,000 makeover by “Windy City Rehab” star Alison Victoria.

“Millions have tuned-in to see Retta’s hilarious hot takes on more than 40 of the country’s ugliest houses, so we’re doubling the order to get even more great content for ‘Ugliest House in America,’” HGTV’s Head of Content, Loren Ruch, said in a press release. “Retta’s humor brings everyone together for a lot of laughs and we can’t wait to hit the road to capture more of it.”

“Ugliest House in America,” which debuted in January 2022, has already run for three seasons. HGTV reported its latest season garnered more than 12 million viewers. The upcoming fourth and fifth seasons, which are slated to premiere in late summer 2023 and 2024 respectively, will include “five half-hour episodes and a one-hour season finale,” according to a press release.

“We’ve all seen those magazine-worthy homes that make you feel bad about your own house,” the “Parks and Recreation” actress previously said in a press release. “This ain’t that show!”

Fans Call out ‘Ugliest House in America’ for Being ‘Fixed’

“Ugliest House in America” viewers have called out the competition series for being “fixed.”

HGTV celebrated the show’s renewal on Instagram. “We’re about to get ugly…again!” they captioned a picture of its stars. “Retta and Alison Victoria return to HGTV this summer to crown and transform the next #UgliestHouse in America!”

The post’s comment section was flooded with excited fans.

“Can’t wait! Retta is hysterical. And her and Alison together make a great duo!” wrote one viewer. Another added, “What fun!! I love watching Retta go through the houses! Her reactions are always just what I am thinking. She’s so expressive.”

But others were quick to critique the series.

“They don’t pick the ugliest, they pick the one easiest to re-do,” one commenter accused the series. “To be fair, some of the ugliest ones would need an astronomical budget. But its disappointing to re-do a house that’s just not as bad as the others.”

As someone else put it, “they didn’t pick the ugliest, just the easiest to remodel.”

The House of the Gilded Angel Was Crowned the Season 3 Winner

The House of the Gilded Angel in Manassas, Virginia was crowned the most recent winner of “Ugliest House in America.” Its homeowner, Alex, bought the home to live in with his parents, Valerie and Malcolm, and his younger sister Sharee.

On the path to victory, the 4,642-square-foot house was named the winner of the Northeast region. It featured ornate tiled ceilings, wallpaper, a 150-gallon fish tank and a surplus of angel décor. While the family admitted to removing more than 100 angels, HGTV still counted 42 still on the property.

“You have so many ridiculous angels, fixtures, patterns and ceiling textures that the sheer number of ugly items took you to the top of the list,” Retta told Alex.

Victoria updated the shutters, trim and garage doors with navy paint and replaced the lighting fixtures with more modern ones. A stained-glass letter “M” was put in place of the home’s previous angel one. Other renovations included a kitchen update with two-toned cabinetry, a main bedroom makeover with a sleek new wet room and a game room and lounge in place of the old fish tank.

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