Reporter Asks Jennifer Lopez Whether Divorce Rumors Are True

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Getty Jennifer Lopez at the premiere of "Atlas."

Jennifer Lopez scolded a reporter on May 22 who dared to ask her about rumors that she and husband Ben Affleck are going to divorce, a viral video first posted by a Mexican news and entertainment program shows.

Asked whether the rumors about Affleck are real, Lopez smiled a tight smile, looked to her side and, without a smile, looked at the reporter, leaned forward and said, “You know better than that” and looked away, smiling again.

You can watch the video later in this article. According to People, Lopez fielded the question in Mexico City, Mexico, on May 22, as she promoted her film for Netflix, “Atlas.”

The Reporter Wanted to Know, ‘Is Your Divorce With Ben Affleck Real?’

According to Entertainment Weekly, the video of the exchange was first posted online by El Gordo y La Flaca, a Mexican news and entertainment show.

Fan reaction was mixed in the comment thread. “She looks so hurt when she asked that question,” wrote one person.

“Is your divorce with Ben Affleck real? These rumors?” the reporter asked Lopez. “What is the truth?”

According to People, the unidentified reporter then said, “Para le press le Mexicana,” which means, “for the Mexican press,” and asked, “What is the truth of the situation?”

According to People, a man who interjects in the video is Simu Liu, who co-stars with Lopez, 54, in the movie. “Okay we’re not doing that,” he said, before adding, “Thank you so much guys, we really appreciate it. Thank you.”

“C’mon, don’t come in with that energy, please,” Liu added, according to People, which reported that he then referred to Lopez as a “boss.”

The question comes after Lopez liked an Instagram post from a Boston, Massachusetts, relationship coach who shared a graphic that read, “You can’t build a relationship with someone who is disconnected from themselves. We can’t expect someone to see us when we can’t even see themselves. Getting in a relationship is the easy part. Nurturing & fostering it is a different story. After all, love is not a feeling, it’s action ❤️”

Lenna Marsak, who made the post, told TMZ that she does not know Lopez.

While Jennifer Lopez Was in Mexico City, Ben Affleck Was Spotted ‘in a Great Mood’ Out to Dinner, Reports Say

Jennifer Lopez with Ben Affleck

GettyJennifer Lopez and actor Ben Affleck arrive for a screening of her movie, “Marry Me,” in Feb. 2022.

According to People Magazine, meanwhile, while Lopez was in Mexico City, Affleck had dinner with a group of people in Santa Monica, California, and was seen wearing his wedding ring.

“He was in a great mood,” a source told People, which added that he is filming the movie “The Accountant 2.”

“He seemed very relaxed and happy. Everyone chatted and seemed to enjoy,” the magazine reported.

The comments come as speculation heats up about the state of the couple’s marriage. People Magazine reported that, according to multiple sources, Lopez and Affleck “are not currently living together,” with one source adding that their marriage “is not in the best place at the moment.”

Lopez brought up her ring from Affleck while recounting an anecdote about Barbra Streisand to talk show host Jimmy Kimmel on May 20, according to E Online.

She described meeting Streisand and told Kimmel that the singer said, “So that’s a big diamond,” referring to her engagement ring from Affleck. Lopez said she responded, “Yes, it is,” according to EOnline.