Nilsa Prowant Posts Adorable Photos of Her Baby Boy

Nilsa Prowant

Getty Nilsa Prowant poses at the 2018 MTV Movie And TV Awards.

Nilsa Prowant, of “Floribama Shore” fame, is a mother to a child named Gray Allen Gazda. In May 2021, the reality television star let her fans know on social media that she had given birth to her son. The Instagram post revealed that the baby “came into this world on May 20, 2021 at 1:56 AM.” 


Nilsa Prowant Has Shared Photos of Her Son on Instagram

Since Gray’s birth Prowant has shared pictures of him on social media. For instance, on September 10, the 27-year-old uploaded a photo that showed her and her fiancé Gus Gazda holding their son. Prowant wore a white dress, while the father of her child opted for a button-down shirt and dark pants. Their 3-month-old had on a white top, cuffed pants, and suspenders. 

“This is all I’ve ever wanted. I am so blessed,” wrote Prowant in the post’s caption. 

Many fans left kind messages in the comments section. 

“The baby is soooo sweet [red heart emoji],” shared an Instagram user. 

“What a beautiful little family,” commented another fan.

“That baby is gorgeous [heart eye emoji],” added a different commenter. 

On August 28, Prowant took to Instagram to share a different photo that featured Gray. In the picture, she sat on steps while cradling her son, who was smiling at the camera. The MTV personality mentioned postpartum depression in the caption of the post. 

“On days like today when my postpartum depression is hitting me like a tons of bricks, his sweet smile is what keeps me going [red heart emoji],” wrote the mother-of-one. 

Nilsa Prowant Discussed Her Pregnancy in March 2021

During a March 2021 interview on the “Tea with Publyssity” podcast, Prowant opened up about her pregnancy. She revealed that she did not enjoy being pregnant but looked forward to having a child. 

“I am definitely not one who loves pregnancy and I’m just going to be honest with you,” said Prowant. “I love like knowing that, you know, me and my baby have this special bond already and feeling his little kicks and everything that like you look forward to, but the hormonal acne, the anxiety, the depression, everything that comes with it, people not checking on you as much, you not getting invited to as many places, you feeling like you’re not as fun anymore. You’re whole life is completely changing, your body’s changing, you’re getting stretch marks, it’s all these things that come with the greatest gift that you know a mother can have, but you have to go through all the bad to get to the good.”  

During the interview, Prowant also shared if she believed becoming a mother will negatively impact her career as a reality television personality. She explained that she has received comments saying “that’s the end of ‘Floribama Shore’ now that Nilsa is pregnant, that’s the end of your career.” She asserted, however, that is not the case. 

“For me, it makes me want to work harder, do more, be better at everything I do because I have a baby. My life is not going to stop just because I’m having a baby. I feel like it’s going to be a completely new journey but I’m not going to stop doing the show,” asserted the reality television star. 

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