Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi Dishes on Messaging Colton Underwood


Getty Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi is photographed at the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards.

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi of “Jersey Shore” fame plans to launch her Messy Mawma wine brand in just a few months. During a recent episode of her podcast “It’s Happening with Snooki & Joey,” co-hosted by Joey Camasta, the reality television star revealed that she has been reaching out to certain celebrities so she can give them a bottle of her wine.

Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi Discussed Colton Underwood on Her Podcast

During the podcast episode, uploaded on September 24, Polizzi shared that she sent a message to former “Bachelor” star, Colton Underwood.

“I have been trying to get in contact with everybody I’m trying to send my wine to because remember Messy Mawma, my wine is coming out in November. I’m doing like all these cute boxes for all of our friends and Joey was like, ‘why don’t you send one to Colton because he loves wine and he would probably shout it out or whatever,’ so I ended up DMing him,” said Polizzi.

She shared that she sent the 29-year-old two messages.

“I did a group one. And I did it with me and Joey, saying, ‘we want you on our podcast, next time you’re in the city, hit us up.’ And then I did a separate one, and I said, ‘hey b**** I want to send you my wine coming out. Send me your address and I will send it to you.’ And lo-and-behold, he hit us both up,” said Polizzi.

According to Camasta, Underwood let them know that he is interested in recording an episode when he is in their vicinity.

“He said and I quote, ‘yes I’d love to when I’m out there next,’” said the makeup artist.

Camasta then revealed that he has been a long-time admirer of Underwood and “had a crush on him even before he was on ‘The Bachelor.’” He also referenced that the former NFL player disclosed that he is gay in April 2021.

“I had him as my screensaver before he was even the ‘Bachelor,’ he was my screensaver. And I didn’t even consider him being gay. I didn’t even think that was an option but now, it’s like I don’t know if it’s worse of better that he’s gay because now it’s like back then I liked him but there was no chance in h*** that I could have him, but now there’s a chance I could have had him but I’m just too fat and old for him,” said Camasta.

Polizzi stated that Camasta and Underwood becoming acquaintances means “there’s a chance now.”

Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi Is a Reality Television Star, Business Owner, & Mother

On top of being a reality television star and a business owner, Polizzi is also a parent to three children, Lorenzo Dominic Lavalle, 9, Giovanna Marie LaValle, 7, and Angelo James LaValle, 2. She uploaded an Instagram post on September 23 that showed her children posing together on a bed. In all three pictures, Angelo held onto a yellow soccer ball.

“Still can’t believe I made these beautiful nuggets. So blessed to be your mommy! I love you more than you’ll ever know [weary face emoji] [folded hands emoji] (BTW I was making the ugliest faces & sounds to get these pics),” read the caption.

Polizzi’s “Jersey Shore” co-star, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino was quick to respond to the post.

“Gorgeous babies [heart-eyes emoji],” wrote the father-of-one.

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