How Scott Disick Going to Rehab Got Leaked

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Earlier this year, Scott Disick sought treatment from a rehabilitation center “to work on his past traumas,” his attorney Marty Singer said in a statement, according to People. However, he was only there for less than a week. Disick checked himself out of the center on May 4, when a photo of his ID at the center was leaked to the Daily Mail.

Nobody has confessed to leaking the photo of Disick’s rehab ID to the press, but the truth may come out. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians season finale will feature Disick’s rehab stay and leak. In a trailer for the season, Disick appears on a Zoom call with Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, and Rob Kardashian after he returned home from the center.

Disick tells the group, “There couldn’t have been a bigger betrayal. She leaked me being there to the press.” The 37-year-old Talentless founder didn’t specify who he was talking about. He continues to say, “I don’t trust anybody here,” while the other family members remained silent.

In another preview for the season finale, Kim Kardashian calls Kourtney Kardashian after the news was leaked. “I heard that Scott went to rehab by seeing it online, and it looks like someone at the facility leaked a photo of him, and I feel really bad for him,” Kim Kardashian said in a confessional.

While the family may not totally know who leaked the photo, they won’t be friendly with the source anytime soon. “I feel like whoever did leak his information should be really ashamed of themselves,” Kourtney Kardashian says in a confessional. “Everyone deserves to deal with their past traumas in privacy. He was completely violated. Fans will get closer to the truth with the season finale of Keeping Up With the Kardashians on Thursday, November 12 on E!

Disick Called Kourtney Kardashian to Talk About His Situation

Before checking into the center, Disick checked in with his ex-girlfriend and coparent Kourtney Kardashian. In a preview for the finale episode, Disick calls Kardashian to tell her what’s going on.

“I was just thinking, I don’t know, this whole COVID staying in, like no structure, it just like doesn’t work for me,” Disick admitted to Kardashian in the preview. “It’s like making me feel like I just can’t handle staying home, not working. Recently, all I’ve been doing is like trying to find things to do, like doing this, doing that. And just like renting a house in Malibu for an escape, and then that turned into a total s***show with paparazzi. It’s like, okay, this is no sanctuary at all.”

Disick continued saying, “In my mind, I’m thinking I wasted all this time, I can’t have any privacy, I can’t have any time by myself. This is ruined. Like, I just can’t handle having nothing really to do and the truth was I started feeling more and more anxious, more and more depressed — like I was going to do something bad if I didn’t figure something out or take myself out of this position. I think now is the time to work on it.”

Disick Confessed to Kardashian Why He Wanted to Go to Rehab

When the Daily Mail originally broke the story prior to Disick checking himself out of the center on May 4, the outlet reported that he checked himself in for “alcohol and cocaine abuse.”

Disick’s attorney Marty Singer immediately denied the claims and said in a statement to People, “In an effort to finally come to terms and deal with the pain that Scott has been silently suffering for many years due to the sudden death of his mother, followed by the death of his father 3 months later, Scott made the decision to check himself into a rehab facility last week to work on his past traumas. He did not check in for any alcohol or cocaine abuse.”

Disick told Kardashian over a phone call his true intentions for checking in. “Like, I just didn’t grieve my parents correctly, or give it enough time,” Disick told Kardashian in a preview. “And I just want to be the best person I can be for my family.”

He continued telling his coparent that friends recommended a certain treatment center, “that specifically deals with past traumas.” Disick makes sure Kardashian can take of the kids while he’s gone, “for at least a month,” and Kardashian agrees. “And so I’m more than happy to support him in any way that I can,” Kardashian said in a confessional. “This time, I think it’s really bringing up important work that we all have to do.”

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