Kaylynn & Haley Williams’ Love Lives: Are the Sisters Married?

Haley and Kaylynn Williams

CBS Kaylynn and Haley Williams are competing on The Amazing Race season 32.

Kaylynn and Haley Williams are competing on season 32 of The Amazing Race, which airs Wednesdays on CBS. The sisters are from Bluffton, South Carolina, and both work as real estate agents.

Are Kaylynn and Haley Williams married or in romantic relationships? Based on their respective social media pages and a search of online records, both women are currently single.

The Williams sisters described each other as best friends on their CBS bio page. Kaylynn said she and Haley had “been through almost everything together.” Haley said they are “attached at the hip and do everything together.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Haley & Kaylynn Williams Still Live Together in South Carolina

The current season of The Amazing Race was filmed in November 2018. It was originally scheduled to debut in May 2020 but the premiere date was pushed back as the coronavirus pandemic forced other shows to pause filming. But in the intervening time since the Williams sisters traveled the globe competing for $1 million, it would appear their personal lives have not changed much.

The biggest giveaway that neither Haley and Kaylynn Williams are married is that neither of them lives with a romantic partner. The sister duo still lives together in their home state of South Carolina.

Kaylynn confirmed in a social media post, shared to both Facebook and Instagram on October 12, two days before the premiere of The Amazing Race, that she and her sister are still currently living as roommates. A search of online records indicates they rent an apartment located a few miles from downtown Charleston. Their home is also located near the beach.

The Williams Sisters Recently Launched a New Real Estate Company Called ‘Selling the South’

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Kaylynn and Haley Williams are both licensed through the South Carolina Real Estate Commission. Online records with the commission show their licenses will need to be renewed in 2022.

The Williams recently launched their own business venture in their chosen industry. They launched the Selling the South Real Estate team, which is part of a larger real estate business called The Boulevard Company. Records on the South Carolina Secretary of State website lists Kaylynn Williams as the registered agent. Selling the South LLC was registered with the state in August 2020.

Kaylynn & Haley Both Left Home as Teenagers

Kaylynn and Haley were raised in the Bluffton/Hilton Head Island area of South Carolina, according to their real estate company’s website. The Island Packet newspaper reported that their parents, Gary and Kelly Williams, were entrepreneurs on Hilton Head Island. The couple owned a restaurant called The Sea Shack but sold it in 2004.

The Amazing Race fans may learn more about Kaylynn and Haley’s childhood this season. In a preview clip that was published on Twitter, host Phil Keoghan described their upbringing as having been “rough.” Older sister Haley was 16 when she moved out of their parents’ house and Kaylynn followed suit at 15. They explained in the preview that they have always relied on each other to get by.

In a separate preview clip, they had predicted they’d be underestimated by the other teams during the competition. They had planned to use their “southern charm” to build alliances with other teams.

Kaylynn and Haley Williams were longtime fans of The Amazing Race before they got the opportunity to compete on the show. They told Holy City Sinner, a local blog in Charleston, that they used to watch the show together as kids. The sisters added that they were very excited to finally share their experience with viewers after nearly two years of waiting. “Our experience on the show was insane! Your strengths are put to the test in every single way possible,” they told the blog. “With that being said, it was hands down the most magical experience one could imagine. You’re completely immersed into different countries and cultures and truly get to see how much compassion truly exists in the world.”

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