Is Phil Keoghan Married? Does He Have a Wife or Girlfriend?

Phil Keoghan wife

Getty Phil Keoghan and wife Louise Rodrigues Keoghan in 2018.

Phil Keoghan, the longtime host of The Amazing Race on CBS, is married to wife Louise Rodrigues Keoghan and they have one daughter together.

Like her husband, Rodrigues has had a long, successful career in the entertainment industry. She is a television producer and worked alongside Keoghan as an executive producer on the reality competition Tough as Nails, which Keoghan hosted. The couple also runs a production company together.

Here’s what you need to know:

Rodrigues & Keoghan Met Through Work & Tied the Knot in the Early 1990s

is Phil Keoghan married

Getty Host Phil Keoghan and wife Louise Keoghan arrive to “A Night With The Amazing Race” at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Leonard H. Goldenson Theatre on April 27, 2005 in Los Angeles.

Rodrigues and Keoghan first met in New Zealand. Keoghan explained in a 2002 interview that they worked together on a show called That’s Fairly Interesting. Although the show was soon canceled, their relationship was far more lasting. At the time of the interview, Keoghan said he and Rodrigues had been married for nearly 10 years, suggesting they tied the knot in 1993.

But the couple began a successful producing partnership before they got married, based on a timeline Keoghan provided to the Los Angeles Times. He told the newspaper in a 2014 interview that when he was 19, he was inspired to “hurry up and live my life with purpose” after having a near-death experience. While working on a show about a shipwreck, Keoghan suffered a panic attack while more than 100 feet underwater.

Keoghan told the Los Angeles Times that within a year of that experience, he and Rodrigues sold the rights to a network show in New Zealand called Keoghan’s Heroes. The success of the show prompted a move to New York. Keoghan said he was 23 at the time; Keoghan turned 23 in 1990.

Rodrigues and Keoghan welcomed a daughter, Elle, in December 1995. Keoghan shared in a 2002 interview that Elle was born “during a snowstorm” in New York. But the family later relocated to southern California. A search of online records shows Rodrigues and Keoghan own a home in Santa Monica.

Rodrigues Has Partnered With Her Husband on Multiple Film Products

Phil Keoghan married wife

Getty “Amazing Race” host Phil Keoghan and wife Louise arrive at the National Multiple Sclerosis Society’s 36th Annual Dinner Of Champions on September 27, 2010 in Los Angeles.

Rodrigues and Keoghan have successfully navigated the tricky task of being both spouses and professional partners. According to a search of business records on the California Secretary of State website, the couple runs the Keoghan Film Company together. Records show they launched the company in 2001.

One of the TV series Rodrigues and Keoghan partnered on was No Opportunity Wasted, which debuted in 2004 on the Discovery Channel according to IMDB. They both served as executive producers and Keoghan hosted. Contestants were given $3,000 and 72 hours to do something meaningful with what money, Men’s Health explained.

According to her IMDB profile, Rodrigues’ resume has included producing documentaries such as Gorillas: Primal Contact, The Making of a Child Star, Phil Rides Across America, Aerial New Zealand and Flying High with Phil Keoghan. Rodrigues ans Keoghan co-wrote a documentary called Le Ride, which told the story of a 1928 cycling team. According to a CBS news release, the documentary became “an Official Selection at SXSW and Opening Night and Festival Favorite Film” at various film festivals.

Rodrigues does not work on The Amazing Race. But she was an executive producer for Tough as Nails, which she and Keoghan created together. Rodrigues has used her Twitter and Facebook accounts to promote the reality competition.

Rodrigues and Keoghan also partnered on BUCKiT, a podcast that debuted in 2018. Keoghan interviews people who have bravely shed inhibitions in order to live life to the fullest, according to the show website.

Rodrigues reflected on what it was like to work on BUCKiT in a December 2018 Facebook post. She wrote in part, “It’s been such a rewarding experience being able to spend time with astronauts, National Geographic explorers, Olympians, cancer survivors, a shark attack survivor, an ultra distance marathon swimmer and runner, a big wave surfer, a world famous radio DJ…. just to name a few. All have one thing in common, they turn obstacles into opportunities, every single time. It’s hard not to feel completely fired up and positive after meeting them!”

Rodrigues Was Born in Australia But Has Kept Details of Her Family Life Out of the Spotlight

Louise Keoghan and Phil

Getty Louise Rodrigues and Phil Keoghan attend the 71st Emmy Awards on September 22, 2019 in Los Angeles.

Rodrigues was born in Australia, according to a CBS news release promoting Tough as Nails. A search of online records brings up a February 1963 birthday, making her 57 as of this writing.

Rodrigues has maintained a tight lid on details about her personal life and upbringing. But on her public-facing Facebook page, she listed Rothera, Antarctica, as her hometown. Rothera is a research station located on Adelaide Island. According to the British Antarctic Survey, the station is Britain’s largest facility in Antarctica. It is described as a center for “biological research and a hub for supporting deep-field and air operations.” If Rothera is in fact Rodrigues’ hometown, it’s possible she could have had a parent who worked at the station.

Her husband had a childhood that took him around the world. Keoghan was born in New Zealand in 1967 but as he explained to CNN in 2015, the family lived all over the world due to his father’s career as an agricultural scientist. He lived on the island of Antigua in the Caribbean for 8 years, according to an interview Keoghan conducted in 2002 with a New Zealand government-run education site in called wickED.

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