KFC & Popeyes Christmas Eve & Day 2020 Hours: Are They Open?

KFC, Popeyes

Google - Labeled for Reuse Is KFC and Popeyes open or closed on Thanksgiving Day 2020? Click here for details on holiday hours for both chicken chains.

Merry Christmas! If you’re hungry for fried chicken today, most KFC and Popeyes locations are open on Christmas Eve. However, the fast food restaurants are typically closed on Christmas Day.

Here’s what you need to know:

KFC Is Open on Christmas Eve & Closed on Christmas Day 2020 & They Are Using Holiday Buckets to Spread Cheer

KFC will be open on Christmas Eve, but it is closed on Christmas Day, according to Guilty Eats. The hours may vary by location, so find the nearest KFC to you here and give them a call to verify their holiday hours.

KFC’s chicken buckets are looking a bit different these days. If you order up KFC, you’ll see their buckets are designed with holiday cheer.

“KFC bucket meals have been bringing people together around the dinner table for more than 60 years,” said Andrea Zahumensky, KFC U.S. CMO. “Even though the holidays may look a little different this year, we hope our holiday buckets help everyone hark back to a simpler time and bring some comfort and joy to your homes and your families throughout the season.”

The chain is bringing back its iconic 1966 and 1971 U.S. holiday buckets, as well as a new, vintage-inspired design for 2020, a press release said.

“Both the replica designs of the 1966 and 1971 holiday buckets have been recreated down to the smallest details, including the retired tagline, ‘North America’s Hospitality Dish,’ featured on the 1966 bucket. The new holiday bucket design for 2020 was inspired by the brand’s heritage buckets , but rounds out this year’s lineup with some modern flare,” the press release said.

Most Popeyes Locations Are Open on Christmas Eve & Some Are Open on Christmas

Most Popeye locations are open on Christmas Eve, 2020, and some are even open on Christmas, according to USA Today. The holiday hours vary from store to store, according to a statement provided to Heavy.

“The restaurants holiday hours vary by location,” the statement said.

Be sure to check your local Popeyes location to verify their holiday hours and see if they are open today.

The fried chicken chain also recently added a new item to its menu: chocolate beignets.

“Being a brand from New Orleans, Popeyes knows a thing or two about beignets, and one thing’s for certain – they can be MESSY! One bite and powdered sugar is everywhere,” the brand said in a press release.

The Popeyes press release said:

Popeyes is launching a new menu item and some quirky apparel to go with it. The Louisiana-based chain, normally known for its fried chicken, is adding chocolate beignets to its menu starting on Monday.

Popeyes’ version of the classic New Orleans-style dessert is filled with Hershey’s chocolate and covered in powdered sugar, and only available for a limited time.

In addition, the brand is launching a black ‘beignet camo hoodie’ that features white spots designed to hide the inevitable splatters of powdered sugar that arise from eating beignets. Beignet enthusiasts can buy the hoodie online for $35.

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