MAFS 2021: Are Rachel & Jose Still Together Today?

Rachel and Jose

Lifetime Out of all the "Married at First Sight" season 13 couples, Rachel and Jose kicked off their relationship with the most intimacy.

Out of all the “Married at First Sight” season 13 couples, Rachel and Jose kicked off their relationship with the most intimacy. In fact, they might be one of the only couples who decided to stay married on Decision Day and who are still married today.

Early reports from a “Married at First Sight” spoiler account, known as MAFSFan, claimed none of the couples from season 13 were still married. However, there might be hope for Rachel and Jose. The duo was reportedly spotted in public and looked happy.

“My friends live in Houston and are at an Astros game,” an insider told MAFSFan in September 2021. “They spotted Jose and Rachela and they kissed.”

Another insider told the fan account that they saw Jose and Rachel at an airport together. They apparently talked to Jose and Rachel, who joked about getting “bad edits” on “Married at First Sight.”

So, are Jose and Rachel still together today? It seems like it’s safe to predict they will choose to stay together on Decision Day, but nothing can be confirmed until the Decision Day episode aires. “Married at First Sight” contestants likely have to sign non-disclosure agreements, which means they can’t talk about their relationship status before the season is over.

Things Haven’t Always Been Easy for Rachel & Jose

While they might have been able to work things out, it doesn’t mean it was always smooth for Rachel and Jose. In one particular incident, Jose locked Rachel out of their apartment — though he maintains it was a mistake.

Jose apologized and was adamant about wanting to make things work. He made a plan on notecards to show Rachel he was serious about changing.

“This is definitely a great start,” Rachel said, per Hollywood Life. “I was kind of like, how does anyone get past this? Now I see that it is possible to get past this.”

They both decided they needed to work on communicating better. “Anytime I’m getting some weird gut feeling, I need to let you know right then and there,” Rachel said.

“I will definitely do anything I can moving forward to prove that to you,” Jose agreed. “There’s nothing I won’t do for this marriage. I’m in this. I’m in this for the long haul.”

Rachel Admitted to Sleeping at An Ex’s House

Rachel and Jose hit another snag in their relationship when she admitted that she stayed in her ex’s house the night Jose locked her out.

“Saying that you stayed at an ex’s house, [to be clear], it was not something I wanted to hear,” Jose admitted, according to a preview obtained by Distractify.

Even though she knew it wouldn’t make Jose happy to hear what went down, it was weighing heavy on her conscience. “I knew I had to tell you, I just didn’t know when the right time would be,” Rachel told her husband. “I wanted to make sure I wasn’t telling you to make you jealous or to make you mad. I don’t want either of us to be blindsided by anything.”

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