MAFS Season 15: Alexis Reveals What Binh Said About Morgan

Morgan Binh

Lifetime Morgan Bell was ready to end her marriage to Binh Tinh after he "lied" to her face.

“Married At First Sight” star Morgan Bell was not interested in accepting roses from her husband, Binh Tinh, on the September 7 episode of the Lifetime reality series.

The couple had been struggling to rebuild trust after Binh was worried Morgan — a registered nurse — lied about her career, but the tables turned, with Morgan accusing Binh of being a liar.

Binh developed a close relationship with co-star Justin Hall, but Morgan felt uncomfortable with her husband going to Justin with their marital problems. Binh promised he wouldn’t use Justin as a sounding board, but Morgan found out from Justin’s wife — Alexis Mitchell — that Binh never stopped going to Justin with his issues.

Morgan accused Binh of going to Justin with “lies” about her, but Morgan never said what the lies were.

In Lifetime’s “Afterparty,” where cast members discuss the episode with host Keisha Knight Pulliam, Alexis dished on what went down between everyone.

What Did Binh Say?

The biggest question viewers wanted to know, was what Binh said about Morgan to Justin.

“So I don’t wanna go into the particulars just to protect our friendship but there’s a lot of things I’m sure you can agree you tell your husband, and you know that it’s gonna stay with your husband,” Alexis said on “Afterparty.”

Alexis regrets how she handled the situation.

“I wish I would’ve done it in a different way. I would’ve just told Morgan to talk to Binh directly,” she said. “But there was an ethical and moral dilemma in me to where I was like, ‘I gotta tell her.’”

According to Alexis, Morgan didn’t want Binh talking to Justin because they were all involved in the same group of friends. Morgan didn’t mind Binh talking to people outside of their group, but she didn’t want Binh disclosing personal things to people on the cast.

Alexis Said She Was ‘Wrong’

Alexis admitted that she made the wrong decision when going to Morgan about what was talked about between Justin and Binh.

“Knowing that I contributed to it in any way, it’s breaking my heart right now,” Alexis said about the drama. “I feel like I let a lot of people down.”

Alexis wasn’t thinking about the future consequences of her actions.

“It’s like, I wanna say that I should have minded my own business but at the same time… I saw the pain in her eyes. I saw the frustration,” she continued. “It was more so me just seeing my friend hurting, and what do you do to make her hurt less in this moment? And I was wrong. I was wrong.”

At the end of their segment, Binh and Morgan agreed to stay married and work on their issues. Morgan said she was willing to meet with the experts to see what advice they had. She also hinted that she was going to make things hard for Binh until Decision Day.

To find out what happens next, don’t miss Season 15 of “Married At First Sight” when it airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Lifetime.