‘Married at First Sight’ Season 13 Honeymoon Location: See Where They Stayed

MAFS Season 13


The honeymoon location for Lifetime’s “Married at First Sight” season 13 has become the source of quite a bit of controversy. While most of the couples think it’s nice, Myrla has openly stated her disdain for the location. The Florida resort where the couples stayed is Isla Bella Beach Resort.

The Honeymoon Was Filmed at Isla Bella Beach Resort

The honeymoon destination was Isla Bella Beach Resort in Florida, ScreenRant reported. The resort is located on Marathon Island in Florida and is part of the Florida Keys. Isla Bella has five pools, a 4,000-square-foot luxury spa, restaurants, and activities like biking and yoga.

Here’s a photo of the resort’s marketplace.

The resort got a lot of attention on “Married at First Sight” when Myrla said she felt it was more like a retirement community. The other couples, however, disagreed when Gil relayed that story and said they enjoyed their stay.

According to the resort’s Instagram page, it’s located on Knights Key, one of the islands that are part of Marathon, Florida.

Isla Bella Beach Resort’s website explains more about what the resort has to offer. According to the resort’s website, they have 24 oceanfront acres and “over a mile of waterfront property.” The resort also has a marketplace and serves as a wedding venue. The resort offers one- and two-bedroom guestrooms along with larger suites.

Here’s an aerial view of one of the resort’s pools. The pool shown on “Married at First Sight” was one of the smaller pools at the resort.

You can see a map of the resort here. Isla Bella describes itself on the map page as “Florida Keys’ newest beach resort.”

A public Facebook page called “I Can’t Wait to Travel” showcased the resort and asked viewers if they would want to visit or not.

On Twitter, viewers had mixed reactions to the resort. Some said that Myrla was right. One viewer wrote: “I hate to admit it but Myrla is right. This resort is not honeymoon on a tv show worthy.”


Another viewer wrote that it “isn’t very impressive.”

Another person wrote that they still dislike Myrla, but they also believe she’s right about the honeymoon location.

In Season 11, the Couples Went to Mexico

The COVID-19 pandemic no doubt played a role in which resort the couples could go to for season 13. In season 11, for example, the couples visited a fancier resort called Hotel Xcaret in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, ScreenRant reported.

The season 11 resort was a big hit among viewers too.

One viewer tweeted: “I need to know the name of the resort they went to in Mexico for married at first sight bc it is absolutely gorgeous 😍.”

Hotel Xcaret has 10 restaurants, eight bars, a beach on the grounds, a spa, and a river with real waterfalls.

The resort’s stunning photos show how beautiful it is to visit.

The resort shares many scenic photos on its Instagram account, like the ones below.

Rivers and inlets dot the location.

There are waterfalls to visit on site.

International travel has been limited due to the pandemic, so it may be the reason season 13 chose a domestic location.

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