What Happened to K. Michelle Amid Her Husband’s Cheating Scandal?

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Singer K. Michelle was experiencing some turmoil in her marriage. She revealed via social media that a woman had messaged her to tell her that her husband, Dr. Kastan Sims, was having an extramarital affair. In a moment of distress, the Memphis, Tennessee native took to Twitter to vent out her frustration. Besides her husband being accused of cheating, she said the woman messaging her was trying to blackmail her. In a series of tweets, she also revealed that she was experiencing stress due to her career and family life.

“I have constant hate mail no matter how hard I try to help my community,” she said in a now deleted tweet. “I have people showing up at my home to get video footage of me. I got a girl black mailing me 4 money telling me my husband is cheating on me, he’s mad @ me for talking 2her, my grandma just had a stroke ,I got people trying 2 stop my career, I have people making fun of my surgery & health, I have a random dude I never slept with lying on me.”

“I just can’t do it anymore,” she added.

She continued to send out tweets detailing her weariness with the way she feels she’s treated.

“I’m tired of always just being messed with and lied on,” she continued. “No matter how hard I try, people still manage to find a way to find something wrong with me or a way to gain clout. I’m over it… I just want it to be over… How much can one person really take.”

After deleting the tweets, she didn’t address the matter again.

K. Michelle Said She & Her Husband Were “Going Through Issues”

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In February 2020, the “Can’t Raise A Man” singer revealed that she and her husband were experiencing marital issues.

“I mean, we going through issues, you know,” she told ABC Radio. “I think things could be better. We always think the grass is greener on the other side too, so I’m just trying to field through that and make sure I’m doing the right thing.”

She also spoke about a song she titled “Ciara’s Prayer,” which refers to singer Ciara saying that prayer brought her her husband, Seattle Seahawks player Russell Wilson. When asked if she thought that approach was truly effective, she didn’t sound too convinced.

“It probably is, like, she did it,” she said.  “I don’t really believe in men, but I mean, she did it, so I want that for women. I want women to love without hurt.”

K. Michelle Wants Twins With Her Husband But Fired Her Surrogate

In January 2020, K. Michelle revealed that she fired the woman she planned on hiring as her surrogate to carry her twin girls. She told MadameNoire that the woman secretly signed a contract to appear on Love & Hip Hop and then made a YouTube video about her, which put a dent in their relationship.

Oh hell no. I’m not using that clown. Let me ask you something. If you have nothing, right? Nothing. Somebody has paid for your children’s everything. Your children’s birthday parties since they’ve been on earth. I met this woman in Ikea. Someone that you call even for gas money. They help you — because I always end up helping somebody. Then they put you on TV and you go behind my back and sign a Love and Hip Hop contract. They use it as bargaining power against me, thinking, we have your story you have to sign up. Well, as long as ain’t no eggs in her, you ain’t never got my story! You’ll never back me into a corner. But the fact that that was even tried for something so serious as a child’s life, you get what I’m saying? That’s really bad. So you do this behind my back after I help you, then you negotiate a contract of only $500. If you had went through me, you know how much money I could have got you? For you and those babies to appear on that show? I would have tried to get each baby at least three to $5,000 a pop. But you went behind my back. You did that and I let it go. I’m still praying on it.

She added that when she gets another surrogate, she doesn’t want them to know that she is a celebrity.

“So now I want a surrogate who don’t know not one K. Michelle song” she continued. “Don’t know not one! I’m not offended. That’s who I’m looking for. I will be putting it in, and then I will deal with [Dr. Sims]. But right now, we’ve got to deal with these kids because they’re important.



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