Is Peter Gunz Involved in His Children’s Lives?

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Love & Hip Hop star Peter Gunz has 10 children, including three children with his co-star Tara Wallace who he was with for 13 years. In a recent chat on Instagram Live with fellow reality star Tanisha Thomas of Bad Girls Club fame, Wallace said it is difficult for Gunz to co-parent with her and he isn’t as present as she needs him to be.

“I don’t have any help,” she told Thomas. “It’s just me. Peter’s stretched thin. He has multiple children so Peter’s stretched thin.”

Wallace, who dated Gunz from 2000 to 2013, went on to discuss her experience having children with a man who has so many other children.

I think that’s the part of going into a relationship in the beginning, when you go into it and people have multiple children. You don’t understand what that means as a young woman dating a man with kids, you don’t know what that means until you have children. And then when you know it, it’s like you almost have to make peace with there’s only one of this person,” she added. “You know, my huge thing with women is like, women don’t like to accept responsibility for anything. It’s like, ‘Oh my God I’m always the damsel in distress! This happened to me, that happened to me!’ But when you go into situations, obviously there are things that sometimes you don’t know, but when you decide to have children with a man who has multiple children, that means that there’s going to be more responsibility on you and you’ve got to make peace with that from the beginning.

Gunz and Wallace have three sons together, Kaz, Jamison and Gunner. See the interview below.

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Peter Gunz Admitted He Humiliated Wallace While on Love & Hip Hop

Peter Gunz On His Family & His Past Mistakes (Ep. 3) | VH1: UnVeiledOn Love & Hip Hop Peter Gunz earned a reputation as an adulterer and a “creep.” Now that he’s moved on from the show, the father of ten reflects on his regrets and truthfully discusses the upbringing that shaped his life. #VH1Unveiled #VH1 #LHH Subscribe to VH1: More from VH1: Official VH1 Website:…2019-12-03T17:00:12Z

In 2019, Gunz, born Peter Pankey, spoke about his regrets regarding embarrassing Amina Buddafly and Tara Wallace while on Love & Hip Hop. While in his 13-year relationship with Wallace, she found out during a heated conversation with Buddafly that Pankey cheated on her with Buddafly and married her. Pankey said that when he looks back, he feels the worst regarding the way he treated Wallace while on the reality show.

The problem I had going on the show was that I knew I married Amina. Tara didn’t know I married Amina. There’s a million things I could point out with Amina that I feel bad about too, but I think Tara got the worst of it because I brought her on national TV and let a woman tell her that we were married. And that’s something that I will always regret for the rest of my life. When I see clips of the show it makes me cringe and more than that, part of my fear is having to explain this to my sons and daughters when they get older.

On Unveiled, Pankey also discussed the infidelity his mother experienced from his father and how it has affected his relationships with women.

“Pretty much, what you see from me was my dad,” he said. “My dad was engaged to a woman while he was with my mother. It wasn’t just my dad, it was my uncles, friends’ dads. It was normal as a child coming out that your dad had extracurricular activities going on with other people, so it was normal to me. Maybe it did affect me growing up.”

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