Amanda Garcia & Fessy Shafaat Confirm Relationship: ‘Found Something Special’

Fessy Shafaat Amanda Garcia

MTV/Instagram Fessy Shafaat and Amanda Garcia in 'Spies, Lies and Allies.'

After a week of speculation about their relationship status, “The Challenge” stars Fessy Shafaat and Amanda Garcia have laid the rumors to rest by going Instagram official on September 10. The two had shared videos and photos to their Instagram stories for several days hinting that they were vacationing in Mexico together.

Fessy posted a series of photos of the two together and captioned them, “It’s something about you but I really can’t explain it.” In the first, the two appeared dressed for a night out and Fessy had his arm around Amanda’s waist. He shared a couple more of them enjoying some activities and finished the series of photos with a sexy snap of the loved-up couple kissing in the water.

Amanda posted several similar photos with the caption, “I found somethin’ special in Mexico.” Her series of snaps included a couple of the two reality stars kissing while on their vacation to Puerto Vallarta. Fessy then shared a video to Twitter showing the two drinking as he quoted, “I don’t wanna be a player no more.” Amanda told him, “Say it to the camera.”

Fessy turned to the camera and continued, “I’m not a player, I just crush a lot.” Amanda exclaimed, “No, not anymore!” To which Fessy agreed, “Not anymore.” Here is the clip, which Amanda also shared with the caption, “Thas right babyyyyyyy say it louder for those in tha baaaaaaccckkkkkk.”

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Amanda & Fessy’s Co-Stars Were Quick to React to the Couple Going Instagram Official

Josh Martinez commented on Fessy’s post and wrote, “Mom & dad,” while Nelson Thomas joked, “Hmmm do I approve, let me think about this really hard….” Kaycee Clark wrote, “YASSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! You two were meant for eachother love y’all fr fr.” Amanda herself commented, “You so handsome baaaaabe.” Tori Deal, Amber Borzotra, Wes Bergmann and Kam Williams were just a few more of their co-stars who were all for the new couple.

Tula “Big T” Fazakerley hinted that she saw it coming, writing on Amanda’s post, “Bingo…. So glad my suspicions where right.” Hughie Maughan said, “Awww guys please I adore it, I’m bridesmaid.”

Kyle Christie, who is partnered with Amanda this season, joked, “Good work Agent @mtv_amanda, as a team we are playing the long game….have sex with him……gain his trust…. gain his alliance…… then take them DOWN!….. keep up the good work.”

Amanda Previously Said She Wouldn’t Date Fessy as He Is a ‘Reality TV Boy’

It looks like Amanda’s gone back on her previous comments as she told Ashley Mitchell and Michele Fitzgerald in an Instagram Live earlier in August that she wouldn’t date Fessy. “I humped him and I dumped him,” the “Are You the One?” star said in reference to going to see his boxing fight in Texas in early August. “I think Fessy’s messy. I think that he’s a reality TV boy. You know I think that a lot of them just like to d*** around and [it’s] not what I’m looking for.”

Amanda and Fessy also went on Instagram Live recently and Amanda called out Fessy for hookups he had, including with Bettina Buchanan on “Spies, Lies and Allies.” She also said he and Michele visited each other after the season finished filming. The Instagram Live wasn’t saved but a short clip is available here (warning: the video contains graphic language).

Amanda also recently teased Fessy on “The Challenge Aftermath” when host Devyn Simone noted that Fessy and Michele were sitting very close to each other. Hughie asked Amanda how she felt about that and Amanda replied, “Fessy’s like an appetizer at Thanksgiving. You just pass him around. Everybody just takes a piece, and you pass it along. You don’t want too much of it.” After the two became official, Amanda joked on Twitter, “I like appetizers okayyyyyy.”

Amanda is a mom to Avonni, who was born on February 7, 2020, but about six months later she split from Avonni’s father, Ray Reinhardt. According to Us Weekly, Amanda posted a lengthy statement accusing Ray, her fiance at the time, of cheating and said they were “officially done.”

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