‘The Challenge’ Stars Had Shocking Secret Hookup, Amanda Garcia Reveals

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There were a lot of hookups on “The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies,” more than on many recent seasons, but Amanda Garcia recently spilled the tea on some unaired hookups from the season, including a shocking one between two major stars of the show.

In an appearance on Johnny Bananas’ podcast “Death, Taxes and Bananas,” Amanda revealed that Ashley Mitchell hooked up with Josh Martinez. Johnny asked Amanda a question from a fan, who said Gabo Szabó revealed he’d hooked up with two girls and it wasn’t shown but they asked who it was.

“Gabo hooked up with Ashley in the beginning, oh he hooked up with her a few times, like making out and stuff,” Amanda said, but added that the two didn’t sleep together. “But I don’t know who the second girl was.” She then revealed that Ashley and Josh also hooked up.

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Amanda Said Josh & Ashley Hooked Up But Everyone Was Doing It in the Bathroom to Keep It Private

Amanda told Bananas that she was annoyed because everyone would hook up in the bathroom. “These people were going into the bathroom…” she said, then added, “Oh, Josh and Ashley hooked up. And they never showed that. He wanted her to go into the bathroom but she was like ‘no, the bathroom’s f****** weird’.”

She continued, “so many people were hooking up in the bathroom, like Josh hooked up with multiple people in the bathroom.” Bananas was shocked and Amanda confirmed that if there was to be another exes season, Josh would have many possible opponents.

“That’s why it was weird because, you know, it was weird with the whole him and Ashley fight, I know that’s not really talked about but because they were hooking up, it was just kind of strange,” she said.

Ashley Was Disqualified From the Show Following an Unaired Argument With Josh

As Amanda mentioned, Ashley and Josh had a major fight on “Spies, Lies and Allies” that did not get aired but it resulted in Ashley’s disqualification from the show. Although no cast member has openly discussed the specifics of the fight, several people, including Ashley, confirmed that the altercation was between Ashley and Josh.

Josh said, “The only people that know the truth is the cast that was there at that point in the game and production. So we’re the only ones that know the reality of that situation. It’s unfortunate what happened.” He added, “For that person to leave that way, it is unfortunate. I send light and love to the situation. I wish her all the best.”

Ashley posted a video explaining that one morning, she’d woken up still drunk from a party the night before and said, “Josh was following me around, well harassing me and coming at me telling me I should put myself in, I didn’t deserve to be there, I was drunk as a skunk still and pretty much flipped out and said some things I shouldn’t have.” Neither Ashley nor Josh has discussed the hookup that Amanda was referring to.

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