‘The Challenge: USA’ Star Reveals Secret Hookup Happened in the House

The Challenge: USA

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Cast members of “The Challenge” past and present have often filled in fans on things that went on in the house but didn’t get shown in the episodes. It’s normal that not every storyline or event will make the final edit since the episodes need to be cut down to an appropriate length and most feature a challenge, deliberations and an elimination. However, one recent interview revealed an interesting mystery that took place on “The Challenge: USA.”

After the fifth episode of the new spinoff show aired, eliminated contestants Cinco Holland Jr. and Azah Awasum were asked by Us Weekly if there was anything they remembered from the experience that they wished producers would have shown in the final edit. Cinco said there was a lot that was left out, including a lot of conversations he had in the house. “They left out Condomgate,” he then reminded Azah.

The pair was prompted to spill on Condomgate, to which Azah said, “There was a used ‘something’ that was found in the shower.” She explained, “There was a whole hunt as to who it belonged to, how it got there, yes.”

They were both asked whether they were responsible for the “something in the shower” and they both claimed that it wasn’t them and they had tried to figure it out. “Cinco was one of the rumors,” Azah shared, “but he pleaded the fifth, right?” However, the “Love Island” alum denied it: “I’m not pleading the fifth, I just didn’t do it. I’m pleading not guilty.” He said if it was him he would have admitted it because “safe sex is great sex.”

According to Azah and Cinco, Condomgate has remained a mystery to this day.

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Azah Shared Another Tidbit That Was Left Out of the Final Cut

The Challenge USA Stars Azah & Cinco Talk Elimination, Big Brother Betrayal, & #CondomGateThe Challenge USA Stars Azah & Cinco Talk Elimination, Big Brother Betrayal, & #CondomGate youtu.be/Y-6U0Vr4ETo Check out more Exclusive Interviews: youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVmogfA5HIGmisWAX9ADHiobv4XmnC_zA The Challenge USA Stars Tiffany & Cashel Speak On Their Elimination youtu.be/3M_N5UfMSq8 The Challenge 37 Star Josh Martinez Reacts To The Red Skull Twist & Newcomers To Watch Out For youtu.be/JeDCSlmYQqg ‘The Challenge’ Cory…2022-08-04T19:55:52Z

Cinco’s story wasn’t the only surprising incident left out of the final edit as Azah shared that the house had a special visitor that made some unexpected appearances. “You know one thing does speak to me,” Azah told Us Weekly. “We had a bat terrorizing us for quite a while.”

“I was surprised they haven’t included that in some things, just because there’s so many shots we’re supposed to be getting going in the house, getting ready for something, and that bat would come out of nowhere and terrorize us,” she shared. “I really thought I’d see that bat.”

Cinco & Azah Were Eliminated After Coming Last in the Challenge & Then Losing in the Arena But Both Said They’d Love to Return

In the 5th episode of “The Challenge: USA,” Cinco and Azah were paired up thanks to TJ Lavin’s algorithm. They struggled during the swimming challenge as Azah became exhausted and they came in last out of all the teams.

Once in the arena, the winning team of Tyson Apostol and Cashay Proudfoot decided to throw in Sarah Lacina and Leo Temory to face them. Sarah and Leo came up with a great system in the elimination and won, sending Cinco and Azah home. Luckily for fans of the two, they’ve both said they would love to return to the competition show if they got the chance. Azah said for this season, she only agreed to appear six days before leaving for Argentina so she’d love to be more prepared if she ever returned.

Cinco also said he’d love to return and “definitely” wants to go back. The “Love Island” star said he wants to win a challenge, show what he can do and play his own game.

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