CT Tamburello Beats Johnny Bananas Devenanzio in Major Way [LOOK]

Johnny Bananas CT Tamburello

MTV Johnny Bananas and CT Tamburello

Chris “CT” Tamburello has just scored an impressive fifth career win on “The Challenge” thanks to his performance on “Spies, Lies and Allies.” On December 15, he and his partner Kaycee Clark crossed the finish line 10 seconds ahead of second place and won the million-dollar prize. However, they both chose to share $50,000 with the four other competitors, leaving $400,000 in each of their banks accounts.

While Bananas holds the record for the most “Challenge” wins with seven, CT has just beaten Bananas in another area of the show, which is the most money won in the history of the show. His $400,000 won pushed him ahead of Ashley Mitchell and Johnny Bananas into first place with a total of $1,365,000.

Meanwhile, Bananas is now in second place with $1,184,720 and Ashley is in third with $1,121,250. Jordan Wiseley is in fourth place with $833,000 and Turbo Camikran is in fifth with $750,000. Here is the leaderboard:

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CT Previously Said He & Johnny Bananas Should Go Head-to-Head in a Final to See Who Would Come Out on Top

After his fifth victory earlier this month, CT spoke about Bananas’ comments about his skill on the show and laughed, “He’s laying the groundwork so that when he comes back, I’m public enemy No. 1.” That being said, he told Entertainment Weekly that he and Bananas should go head-to-head in a final to settle the debate between the two.

“Me and Bananas need a rubber mat, because me and him are 1-1 against each other in a final,” he said. “Who knows, if the moon and the stars align, me and him get to go head-to-head one more time in a final, and really settle it.”

CT won “Rivals II,” the 24th season of “The Challenge,” with his partner Wes Bergmann, while Bananas came in second place with his partner Frank Sweeney. They also both competed in the final of “Battle of the Exes,” the 22nd season of the competition show. CT and his partner Diem Brown came in second place behind Bananas and his partner Camila Nakagawa in the Iceland-based final challenge.

The two competitors are also behind the most iconic moment in the show’s history, as “Challenge” fans recently voted the “Bananas Backpack” as the top moment in the 37 seasons of the MTV show.

Bananas Congratulated CT on His 5th Win & Mentioned That He’d Like to Come Back & Solidify His Place

Bananas has been very complimentary of CT on his podcast, “Death, Taxes and Bananas” and he posted on his Instagram congratulation CT on his fifth win. He captioned a photo of the two, “Congrats Champ.” On his podcast, he’s often praised CT’s strengths as a competitor and his social game at behind-the-scenes strings pulling.

He’s also hinted that he’d like to return to the show eventually and joked that Tom Brady now holds seven championships as well. Bananas has mentioned on his podcast that he should return to “The Challenge” and get an eighth win to solidify his place in first.

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