Darrell Taylor Calls Out ‘Phonies, Actors & Imposters’ on the Show

Darrell Taylor

MTV Darrell Taylor

Darrell Taylor is certainly a legend in the “Challenge” world and he’s one of the few cast members who has competed in both a recent season of the flagship show, last season’s “Double Agents,” and in the spinoff show “All Stars.” Darrell is now on the second season of “All Stars,” which is currently airing on Paramount+, after coming in second place on the first season of the spinoff.

Last week, the four-time champion appeared on Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio’s podcast “Death, Taxes and Bananas” and gave his opinion on the differences between the main show and the spinoff. He didn’t hesitate to call out competitors on the flagship show and made it clear he preferred the atmosphere on “All Stars,” telling Bananas it felt like home.

“All Stars feels like at home,” he said. “Everybody’s more mature, like you said everybody has careers, everybody’s already been down this road, they’ve already done their shows, they’re not looking to get on payroll. Whereas on the flagship, you got a lot of these kids from other different shows and they wanna keep coming back so they try to be extra.”

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Darrell Said He Could Tell Some of the Competitors on the Regular ‘Challenge’ Weren’t Being Genuine & Talked About Social Media Followers

Darrell said he didn’t have too many issues with people on the regular “Challenge” but he could tell people weren’t always being genuine. “You could tell that they’re not genuinely being themselves. They’re trying to get on payroll where on ‘All Stars’ everybody’s been on payroll, what you see is what you get.” He said:

There’s a lot of phonies and a lot of actors and imposters on the flagship.

Bananas agreed and said people used to go on the show to compete whereas now people can join the show to build a following or get clout. Darrell said he actually noticed that on the flagship show everybody was talking about “how many followers they have or talking about other people, ‘oh they got this many followers.'”

He said on “All Stars” they would never talk about that but would instead discuss their families, their life experiences and more. “It’s like the camaraderie, a good old family reunion.”

Darrell Recently Appeared on ‘The Challenge Aftermath’ to Celebrate the 500th Episode and Briefly Called Out Emy Alupei

Darrell interacted with some of the cast of the newest season of “The Challenge” and even clashed with one of its most successful rookies, Emy Alupei. Darrell was a surprise guest on “The Challenge Aftermath” to celebrate the 500th episode of the show this season and he told Devyn Simone and some of the “Spies, Lies and Allies” cast that “Survivor” star Michaela Bradshaw, who was eliminated in the first episode, would be able to defeat Emy.

Darrell said Michaela has a “heart of a beast” and “she’s gonna f*** people up,” in the middle of a conversation about Emy’s success. The Romanian then asked Darrell if that meant he was an Emy hater and he replied, “Don’t know ya, don’t wanna know ya, keep doing you. I’m just saying, Michaela would eat your a** up!”

The room erupted following his comments but Darrell later told Emy that he was “just f******” with her and that she has a “heart of a lion.” He told her, “I know I can get you riled up and I love your energy and keep doing you, seriously.”

“The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies” airs on MTV on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific times. New episodes of “The Challenge: All Stars” season 2 drop on Paramount+ every Thursday.

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