The Challenge Cast Reacts to 10th Episode: ‘You F****** Idiots’

The Challenge Double Agents cast

MTV The Challenge: Double Agents cast

The 10th episode of The Challenge: Double Agents has come and gone and the episode titled “Amber Alert” did not disappoint, with an exciting daily challenge and additional pressure placed on some alliances in the house. Warning: This article contains spoilers for the 10th episode of The Challenge: Double Agents which aired on February 17 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

The challenge this episode was a well-rounded one that showed off teams’ endurance, exposed alliances and tested their memory skills. After a close finish, Devin Walker and Gabby Allen pulled out the win, sending Devin on a self-proclaimed power trip during the subsequent scenes. The episode also saw the breakdown of Lolo Jones and Nam Vo’s team partnership as well as a growing connection between Gabby and Fessy Shafaat.

The elimination in this episode was a Hall Brawl and the majority of the house voted in Amber Martinez and Cory Wharton after they both volunteered in the deliberations. Although contestants were fairly certain it would be a female elimination, Gabby declined to go down to try to get her skull and the Double Agents instead voted Darrell Taylor and Amber Borzotra down to the sand.

Amber B. dominated the elimination and scored a convincing victory for herself, which she followed up with a passionate speech in support of staying with her partner Darrell. Amber M.’s elimination meant that Cory became a rogue agent once again and the next elimination will determine who his next partner will be, his sixth in the game.

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Many People Commented on the Daily Challenge & the Buildup & Breakdown of Various Relationships in the House

Fans and cast members, specifically Devin, had a lot to say about the daily challenge in this episode and its winners. Devin tweeted, “Cory n fessy out here really leaving their partners in the dust, good thing u won the sprint boys it counts for a lot,” he said, referencing the sprint at the start of the challenge.

Devin also fired a few shots at Nany Gonzalez, saying, “@JOSHMBB19 and nany with the early lead but can these two super human minds come together and solve this puzzle ?!” He also said, “Shut up Nany 10 years 0 wins.” He then said, “Nany all fired up to go into the hall against literally the smallest person in the history of the show… what a legend.” He later added, “I’m allowed to make fun of Nany Bc s*** talk is my love language but y’all have to cram it cause some of u go too far.”

Devin later tweeted, “[Hear] that ‘challengers’ big brother out here 3 steps ahead. ‘Running the show’ you f****** idiots let this giant d-bag make u all look like fools. Pathetic. Yes I’m talking to all of you except CT nam and Kyle.”

Fans also had a lot to say, with one writing, “lolo it’s just a game there’s no reason to be having a psychological break over a house.” Another said, “Not Kam talking about making peace when she was calling theresa toxic T as she walked out the door.” One said, “I gotta admit, Devin is really good at puzzles. He’s not just talk like some people.”

Fans & Cast Members Reacted to the Elimination Matchup, Amber B. Winning a Gold Skull & Gabby Declining to Put Herself In

There were also a lot of reactions online to what went down in the latter half of the episode around the elimination matchup. Amber M. tweeted, “YOU’RE ALL WELCOME FOR THE ENTERTAINMENT THIS SEASON” after she was eliminated from the game. Amber B. said, “Let’s gooooo (Kaycee’s voice) #TheChallenge36.”

One fan said, “idc amber martinez deserves to be a regular! she might not be the best athlete but she is everything the challenge USED to be, brought drama, hookups & had heart in every daily & elimination she did & i’d rather see that then any olympic athlete.”

Another said, “Yo I love Nany more than some family members, but if she wants to go into elimination that badly, she’s gotta either win and volunteer, or be the house vote. Getting mad after the fact is dumb.”

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