‘The Challenge’ Alum Says Costar’s Relationship ‘Ruined Her Ability’ to Compete

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Cara Maria Sorbello and Paulie Calafiore have been divisive figures in the recent history of “The Challenge,” with fans either supporting the powerful couple who dominated the “War of the Worlds 2” season or saying they dislike either one of them or both. Since that season, when the two made the final but failed to get the victory, they haven’t been back on the show although their social media activity seems to indicate they are interested in returning.

In a recent interview, “The Challenge” star Jemmye Carroll spoke about Cara Maria as a competitor and her relationship with Paulie and said she thought Cara Maria allowed the relationship to “ruin her.” She said, “Cara Maria man, man, man, the ups and downs with that girl. I would love to see her back.”

She continued, “I think she let her relationship ruin her, her ability to play this game… she was the up and coming face of the franchise. And I think her relationship with Paulie ruined that and I could, you know, write a whole thesis on her choosing the relationship over her job but… her life, her decisions.”

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Jemmye Said She Thinks Cara Maria May Return to the Show Someday But Doesn’t Think Paulie Will Be Asked Back

Jemmye Carroll Dishes on The Challenge: All Stars, Several Cast Members and MUCH MoreStephen McCaugherty recently spoke with a veteran of MTV's The Challenge, Jemmye Carroll. Jemmye recently appeared on The Challenge: All Stars, making it all the way to the Final Challenge.2021-06-22T23:12:50Z

In the same interview, Jemmye was asked if she thought MTV would bring back Paulie and Cara Maria to “The Challenge” in the future and she replied that in her opinion, she thought Cara might return but not Paulie. She said, “I think that Cara maybe has a chance to come back. I would be very surprised if we ever saw Paulie on ‘The Challenge’ again… for various reasons. I [can’t] pinpoint why I think we’ll never see him. But I’d be shocked if we saw Paulie on a season.”

She said she doesn’t really know: “There’s so many rumors they leaked too much to fans and production got ahold of that. I don’t even think that’s it. Because there’s so much s*** that leaks fans can’t control that. You know, there’s rumors that he failed a psych test again.” However, she added, “Rumors are rumors, who knows?”

She said she doesn’t know what goes on behind the scenes with production but in her opinion, “his behavior has been so bizarre and production I don’t think wants to deal with him.” She explained:

I think a lot of fans don’t realize that, at the end of the day, production will cast difficult people in order to get the show they want. But they’re not going to cast, you know, people that are just going to constantly be difficult. And I think that they saw Paulie and Cara going down that road and decided just to step away.

Paulie Recently Slammed Jemmye for Falsely Accusing Him of Failing a Psych Test

Paulie and Jemmye exchanged social media blows recently after Paulie’s brother Cody Calafiore said she shouldn’t have been cast on “The Challenge: All Stars.” In response to the video clip, Jemmye blasted the Calafiores on Twitter and Paulie replied in part that Jemmye “falsely accused me of domestic violence, lied about me failing a psych evaluation. Called me a school shooter and a sociopath.”

In return, Jemmye said she wasn’t interested in having a back-and-forth debate with Paulie and also accused him of stopping “his gf’s entire income/bag,” calling that a red flag. She also said she accused him of being abusive because of “gaslighting” during the early days of Paulie and Cara Maria’s relationship when Paulie’s ex Danielle Maltby came forward to say he was still seeing her.

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