‘The Challenge’ Stars Feuding: ‘If You’re a S*** Person, You’re a S*** Person’

The Challenge

MTV The Challenge's Cara Maria Sorbello, Jemmye Carroll and Nicole Zanatta on Vendettas.

After the first season of “The Challenge: All Stars” was announced on Paramount Plus, many fans of the show began criticizing some of the casting choices for being considered all stars. Some wondered why the big names of the franchise weren’t included, like Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio and Chris “CT” Tamburello while others said more recent stars like Jonna Mannion and Jemmye Carroll shouldn’t have been included with the OGs.

This week, things got heated between Jemmye and reality TV brothers Cody and Paulie Calafiore as they discussed her inclusion on the first season of “All Stars.” Cody was speaking with Paulie and Cara Maria Sorbello when he said, “I’m absolutely blown away that there was an “All Star” season and Cara wasn’t on the all-star season. They had people that started around the same time as you. It was absolutely mind-blowing, I don’t understand it.”

Paulie replied to Cody, “That’s fair, I just think, you know, maybe there’s an ‘All Stars’ season in her future.” Cara Maria then said, with a small smile, “I think Jemmye was just more of an ‘All Star,’ I guess.” Cody replied and slammed Jemmye’s inclusion on the show.

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Jemmye Replied to the Clip of the Video & Slammed the 2 Calafiore Brothers

In response to Cara Maria’s comment about Jemmye, Cody replied, slamming the “Real World: New Orleans” star: “Jemmye is, you know, probably one of the worst people that I’ve ever seen on ‘The Challenge,’ I’m blown away every single year that she gets asked back. I’m like, this girl can barely get up off of her seat and walk to the other room vs running two and a half miles, I’m like, this girl is gonna struggle.”

Jemmye then tweeted about the comments, “I couldn’t care less about what those brothers that make out with their dad said about me.” She also added, “Do not disturb.” Paulie replied to Jemmye’s tweet, “So you disagree that Cara is more of an all star than you? Also, most men would rather kiss their Dad than kiss you Jemmye the hut.”

Some time later, Jemmye clarified that Paulie blocked her a few years ago so she hasn’t been able to see his replies about her: “For the record. I can’t see his tweets. He blocked me years ago so that man is talking to himself.”

The Fight Escalated Later on June 13 as Paulie Posted a Lengthy Message to His Instagram Stories

Paulie Calafiore Jemmye Carroll

InstagramPaulie Calafiore’s Instagram Story about Jemmye Carroll

The feud heated up later when Paulie posted a long message to his Instagram Story replying to a question about calling his “Final Reckoning co-star “Jemmye the hut.” He wrote in part, “She came at my [family’s] culture for saying she’s a bad competitor. She’s also falsely accused me of domestic violence, lied about me failing a psych evaluation. Called me a school shooter and a sociopath.”

The “Big Brother” star accused Jemmye of being a “bully” who gets involved in other people’s business and “plays victim when someone claps back. That’s weak.” He concluded his post by saying he holds everyone accountable: “If you’re a s*** person, you’re a s*** person. Period.”

Jemmye then tweeted in response to the Instagram Story, “Honestly, I have nothing to say to Paulie so I’m not going back and forth with a bum a** man that stopped his gf’s entire income/bag.. If that’s not enough of a red flag for y’all then I don’t know to say.” She added:


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