The Challenge Star Slams Castmate: ‘Wipe the Alligator Tears’


The spinoff season of The Challenge, All Stars, is nearing its end and the seventh episode saw some major rifts develop in the house between some OG competitors. Warning: This article contains spoilers for the seventh episode of The Challenge: All Stars, which dropped on Paramount Plus on May 13.

During the show’s seventh episode, fans saw the breakdown of Jisela Delgado and Aneesa Ferreira’s friendship as Aneesa voted for Nehemiah to go into elimination against Jisela and Eric “Big Easy” Banks, as opposed to Jisela’s preference of Yes Duffy. The vote ended up being the deciding voice in sending Nehemiah into elimination and Jisela made her feelings about Aneesa very clear during the show.

Jisela tweeted about the episode after it was released on Paramount Plus and provided more context about their disagreement and where the two stand today.

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Jisela Slammed Aneesa While Live-Tweeting Her Reactions to the Episode & Seemingly Called Her a Fake Friend

On The Challenge Aftermath, Jisela clarified that she feels Aneesa has a recurring storyline on her Challenge seasons where she becomes best friends with a cast member and then backstabs them later in the game to further her own objectives. She said despite having already warned Aneesa that she didn’t want to have that storyline between the two of them, Aneesa lied to her and said she’d vote for Yes when she didn’t.

Jisela and some of her cast members live-tweeted their reactions to the episode, and while Jisela didn’t always refer to Aneesa, some of her messages matched with events in the episode involving the Challenge veteran. In one tweet, Jisela responded to Aneesa saying in her confessional that she wouldn’t “coddle a grown a** woman,” and wrote: “Who are you coddling? All you had to be was honest!!”

She also added, “Wipe the alligator tears Annessa we aren’t the 20 year old rookies you usually play with.” Another tweet said, “You would not throw an elimination your too thirsty for a win baby girl.” Jisela tweeted, “Girl bye #fakefriend.”

Jisela Revealed That She Wishes Aneesa Well But They Are No Longer Friends Since ‘All Stars’

After the episode aired, one fan asked if Jisela and Aneesa are “good” now that the show’s over and Jisela set the record straight: “I forgive her and anyone that has ever done me wrong. But it will forever change how I move with and around her.” She added in response to another fan that she has “boundaries and standards” even though it was a game move. Jisela explained that regardless of whether it was on a TV show or in real life, she has chosen to move on from “toxic” friendships.

In another tweet, she said: “Ending the friendship doesn’t mean I don’t wish her well and will be kind when I see her. It means I won’t ride for her like I do my friends. I take lying very seriously in real life all the time.”

Jisela explained that what bothered her wasn’t the game move of not voting for Yes but it was because Aneesa lied to her about it. She said she believes Aneesa’s life has become too consumed by The Challenge and she’s “lost her way” because of pressure to win her first season. “I wish a win for her in the near future to finally fulfill her life’s work,” Jisela wrote.

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