‘The Challenge’ Finalist Was ‘Bedridden for Almost 2 Straight Years’

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The spinoff season of “The Challenge” just finished airing on Paramount Plus and the first season of “All Stars” featured a lot of big personalities and fan favorites. One competitor who had a strong season and a great performance in the final challenge was “The Real World: Sydney’s” KellyAnne Judd.

After managing to avoid elimination and racking up two daily wins on “All Stars,” KellyAnne had a great final challenge in both the first day with partners and the solo run up the mountain. The final point tally revealed that she came in third place overall, tied with Jonna Mannion, but most impressive was that she came in first of the women on the run and ahead of one the men, Eric “Big Easy” Banks.

The feat is even more impressive in light of KellyAnne’s recent revelation that she was actually battling a serious illness for about two years before competing on the show and said she was bedridden for almost that whole time.

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KellyAnne Said She Was Seriously Ill & Was Bedridden for Nearly 2 Straight Years

KellyAnne opened up about her health in an interview with Us Weekly’s “Watch With Us” podcast on June 10. “I have been really sick for a few years,” the 35-year-old reality star revealed. “I have heavy metal poisoning, and so I was bedridden for almost two straight years.”

She said her health began improving only about six months before “All Stars” filmed. “I hadn’t worked out,” she said. “Every time I’ve tried to move, I’d pull my back because one of the things that heavy metal can do is cause full-body inflammation. So, lifting my arms would be exhausting — just lifting them.”

She said having heavy metal poisoning has had lasting effects, like memory loss, which can be exacerbated by stress. “There were times when, like, my brain would try to tell my hands to move, but my hands wouldn’t move for a couple of seconds. It’s really weird,” she told the outlet.

She said she had two bags full of vitamins for the show but because one was checked under Abram Boise’s name and he was unable to make the show in the end, Kendal Sheppard helped her out with providing her the vitamins she needed.

KellyAnne Recently Slammed the Final Format for Giving Men an Unfair Advantage Over the Men

After the final episode dropped on Paramount Plus, KellyAnne criticized the format of the final and said it gave an advantage to the male competitors. She said if the entire show was set up to have only one winner, the eliminations shouldn’t have been separated by gender. “Who cares if @KendalSheppard was a threat to the women if the guys could still beat her up a mountain,” she wrote on Twitter.

She said the set-up for the first day of the final was excellent with the male and female competitors pairing up for different checkpoints with a points system but it was canceled out by the second day where the individual checkpoint was purely physical. She pointed to the Olympics being divided between male and female competitors also as an example and said:

There are many women who could beat these men in a foot race up a mountain, but we shouldn’t have to be 2-3 times better of an athlete than the men on the show, and be good at puzzles, in order to have a shot at winning… It’s time to start showing us the respect we have earned.

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