Nia Moore Blasts The Challenge Co-Star: ‘F****** Wack’

Nia Moore

MTV Nia Moore on 'The Challenge: All Stars 3'

The first half of “The Challenge: All Stars” season 3 has come and gone and there’s already been a ton of drama between the cast members. Warning: This article contains spoilers for the first five episodes of season 3, now airing on Paramount+.

Beth Stolarczyk joined the show as a replacement and after winning her first elimination against Kendal Sheppard, the veteran began to target her “All Stars” season 1 castmate, Jonna Mannion. The fifth episode saw Beth telling many of her co-stars that she didn’t trust Jonna and accused her of having an affair with MJ Garrett, Jonna’s co-star and winning partner on “All Stars 2.”

Both Jonna and MJ denied having an affair in their confessional interviews in the episode and Nia Moore slammed Beth after the episode aired for attacking cast members’ personal lives.

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Nia Moore Said It Was Inappropriate & ‘Wack’ That Beth Chose to Get Personal

Nia Moore appeared on the “Challenge Mania” podcast hosted by Derrick Kosinski and Scott Yager and brought up Beth’s “inappropriate” decision to take some personal shots and spread rumors about her cast mates. She said Beth had first tried to tell the cast that Jonna wasn’t a good person but once she saw that no one was listening to her, she began making cheating allegations toward Jonna and MJ. Nia said:

For me, she was grabbing anything and was trying to see what would stick, and for her to take rumors that she had heard with no proof and bring it in front of the cameras and say it in front of anybody who would listen, I just thought it was super f****** wack, especially because she is a 52-year-old married woman with children.

The “Real World: Portland” star said she thought it was Beth’s “entire mission” to “destroy Jonna in the game” as well as “try and disrupt Jonna’s personal life, which is sacred, and that is wack to me.” Nia added, “Like I don’t even roll with b****** that do stuff like that.” Nia said it was “so inappropriate” and that the claims were “rooted in rumors.”

She said, “For her to have an appetite to do that, especially at her big age, I just was so disappointed, and I always would try to like turn the conversations back to like things that were more positive, but it was very obvious to me that like this is all she came there for.” The returning reality star said it really seemed as though Beth was attempting to “put a stain on the All Stars vibe, which has been so positive and so fun overall.”

Nia Said Beth Has the Potential to Be Such a Sweet Person & Was ‘Lovely’ to Her

Nia said families are supposed to be “off-limits” when cast members are on the show and attacking someone’s family or personal life is not okay. She then added, “I’m just so ashamed because I see the good in her. I really do. She was nothing but lovely to me.”

She added that she’s heard great things about Beth and said Syrus Yarbrough loves her and said, “she’s a good woman at heart.” Nia continued, “She is choosing to be something else and I don’t know what her overall motive is and I don’t think she’s gonna get the outcome she’s looking for.”

Nia also told the co-hosts that she immediately clicked with Beth on “All Stars 3” when she met her and saw the good in her. She explained to Derrick and Scott that she had “compassion” for her co-star when she struggled with the heights challenge. “But I just hate that she didn’t take the high road… and I don’t like that she chose this [storyline],” Nia said, adding that she’s sad that Beth’s actions meant that she had to distance herself from her.

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