Tori & Devin on ‘The Challenge’: Why Do They Have a Rivalry?

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The third episode of The Challenge: Double Agents aired on Wednesday night and as the promo video for the episode promised, there was a lot of drama and shocking moments throughout the episode.

Note: This article contains some minor spoilers for the 3rd episode of The Challenge: Double Agents, which aired on December 23 at 8 p.m. ET/PT. It does not reveal major information like daily challenge winners or eliminations.

During the show, the house deliberations and confessionals highlighted a possible rivalry that some fans may not be familiar with — between Tori Deal and Devin Walker-Molaghan. At one point, during the deliberations for the house vote, Devin said that people may vote for him but he would be voting for Tori and her partner, Cory Wharton. In her confessional, Tori said, “Are you kidding me right now? I wasn’t gunning for you in this game at all but why do you have to vote for me?”

She explained, “Devin and I have this long history with each other. We met on a show called Second Chances and we were rivals on it.” In Devin’s confessional, he said, “We were the two best players in that game. I won, she lost, and she’s never really let it go.” Tori said, “If it’s gonna be this old Tori-Devin rival again, then fine, I’m definitely gonna throw a vote your way.” When she submitted her secret vote, Tori said, “F*** you Devin!”

There haven’t been many defining moments to the rivalry shown on The Challenge, but both stars got their debut on different seasons of Are You the One? and appeared on Are You the One? Second Chances together, where they clashed over Devin’s perceived manipulations. The two did not date on the show, although Tori recently admitted that she had a “huge crush” on Devin when she watched his season of Are You the One?

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Tori Said She Had a Crush on Devin Before Meeting Him During the ‘Official Challenge Podcast’

Tori hosts MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast with fellow Double Agents cast member Aneesa Ferreira, which debuted on December 10, in conjunction with the release of the 36th season of the long-running MTV show. A new podcast episode comes out every day after the Challenge episode and the two competitors break down the previous day’s show. On the first podcast episode, the two discussed how they got their debut on The Challenge and Tori shared that she used to have a crush on Devin.

Aneesa asked Tori about her journey to get on The Challenge and the New Jersey native replied that her roommate was a major Challenge fan and told Tori to get on Are You the One? and then get recruited for The Challenge. Tori said there was no way she’d do it since she wasn’t a reality TV fan: “I don’t watch reality TV, never, I watched Devin’s season of Are You the One? I had a huge crush on Devin, swear to God, this is not a lie.” Aneesa joked, “still do,” and both women laughed.

“I was like, all right, I’ll give [the show] a shot,” Tori continued. “So then, yeah, went on Are You the One? and that was history.”

Tori and Devin Both Joined ‘The Challenge’ From ‘Are You the One?’ & Appeared on Multiple Seasons Together

Tori made her reality TV debut on Are You the One? 4 and followed that up with Are You the One? Second Chances, where she was cast alongside Devin, whose debut season was Are You the One? 3. The two did not get along in the house but there did not appear to be a specific event between the two that caused the divide. Devin ended up winning Are You the One? Second Chances and becoming known for his mind games and political game while Tori, who was a physical threat in the game, came in second.

Tori made her Challenge debut on XXX: Dirty 30, which was Devin’s second season after Rivals III. They also both appeared on the spinoff Champs vs. Stars in 2018. The two also appeared on Final Reckoning, which was their last season together until this season’s Double Agents.

Double Agents airs on MTV on Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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