The Challenge Cast Member Shades Co-Stars: ‘Anger Management Issues’

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“Survivor” superstar and “The Challenge: USA” contestant Tyson Apostol spilled a lot about his time filming the new “Challenge” spinoff and took the opportunity to cast some shade toward his co-stars.

Apostol revealed in an interview with Us Weekly that he wasn’t that interested in appearing on the show. “I didn’t want to do this at all,” he said, “cause of the MTV version, it’s just like super aggro.” The reality star said he’s “super chill” and doesn’t like when competitors show up and feel “like they’re entitled to win.” He added:

The second the cards and chips aren’t in their favor, they wig the f*** out. I hate that type of person… For some reason that’s my biggest pet peeve.

Apostol also said he’s “too old” for many of the aspects of the show, including having roommates or dealing with “s***heads.” He explained, “The only reason I said yes is cause it was gonna be on CBS and I didn’t want to see it air and feel like I missed out on something. So worst case scenario it’s a pile of garbage and I’m like, lesson learned. Best case scenario it’s something really special and I was on the first season of it.”

Us Weekly asked Apostol whether he had fun filming the show and he answered point-blank, “No.” He shared, “I was there for the paycheck and to win. Everything else… I’d rather not. Twenty-eight people in a bedroom with 14 bunk beds all stacked on top of each other does that sound awesome to you?… The entire time I was just like, I feel like I have more pride than this but I’m here, here I am.”

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He Said He Didn’t Want to Work With His Fellow Survivor Alums

The “Winners at War” star said he didn’t want to work with his fellow “Survivor” alums and that they were the ones he was speaking about when he said some people felt “entitled to win.” He shaded his “Winners at War” co-stars Sarah Lacina and Ben Driebergen, saying he was “a little wary” of them because of “their anger management issues” and their history on “Survivor.” He also said they’re likely the only two cast members who “really understand how dangerous I am.”

Instead, Apostol to Us Weekly he wanted to work with “anybody I can manipulate, which was pretty much probably everybody,” adding, “I can be disarmingly charming and hilarious and sometimes that forces people or encourages people to put their guard down on me.”

Apostol Shaded Most of His Co-Stars

Apostol said he didn’t know any of his co-stars before filming but didn’t hold back when asked about the other CBS shows that fed into the casting for “The Challenge: USA.” He said, “Big Brother I get a migraine every time I try to watch it cause their energy in their confessionals is not real. It’s just like contrived.”

The “Survivor” champ shared that not many competitors knew who he was, especially the younger “Big Brother” alums and then added, “Love Island people, I think they only watch their own Instagram Stories as entertainment.”

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