Wes Bergmann Takes Aim at Challenge Star’s Strategy

Wes Bergmann

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After Wednesday’s episode of The Challenge: Double Agents aired, many cast members and fans speculated about the cliffhanger for the upcoming elimination and the right move for competitors looking to secure their place in the game. Wes Bergmann, who was eliminated in the third episode, put forward a proposed strategy on Twitter and began debating costar Kam Williams about it.

Kam and her boyfriend Leroy Garrett have previously revealed that their strategy has been to keep Chris “CT” Tamburello out of elimination and prevent him from getting a gold skull and running a final but this week he won the daily challenge with Tula “Big T” Fazakerley and has the chance to throw himself into elimination.

After the episode aired, Wes speculated that the house could have voted for Darrell Taylor or Nam Vo to go into elimination, two male competitors without a gold skull. That would have meant that there would have been no gold skull to steal in elimination, so there would have been no reason for CT to put himself into the Crater. This was Wes’ tweet:

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Wes & Kam Debated What the Best Strategy Was to Prevent CT Getting a Gold Skull & Wes Said ‘Champions Take Short-Term Risks’

In his tweet, Wes said his proposed strategy meant that CT would have continued to be blocked from getting a gold skull opportunity and it would have also led to the possible elimination of a strong contender if they lost, either Nam or Darrell depending on who the house voted in. If the house voted in either of those two, CT would have likely pitted them against Josh Martinez or Fessy Shafaat, either to get rid of a major player or to reduce the numbers in the Big Brother alliance.

Kam replied to Wes’ comment on Twitter and said, “Why would CT throw himself down if there was nothing to win? If a skull would’ve won, we would’ve put no skulls against each other for sure. However, to protect most skulls we had to sacrifice another skull. 100% chance of keeping Lees skull safe & 50% chance of CT going home.”

The Are You the One? alum explained in her tweet that if the house had voted in someone without a skull, like Nam or Darrell, CT wouldn’t have gone in and could have put in anyone with a skull, including Leroy. Therefore their decision to put someone in with a skull meant that CT would definitely go in and keep Leroy’s skull safe.

Wes then replied, “Exactly, CT wouldn’t have thrown himself down. That’s the point. Now there’s a 50% chance CT’s gonna have a skull; whilst possessing 300% better finalist skills. Understood this would be a risk on Lee’s behalf. But champions take short-term risks for long-term benefits.”

Wes Previously Told Kam She Could Have His ‘Master Manipulator’ Title If She Wanted It But She’s Earning It the Wrong Way

After Wes was eliminated from the show in the third episode, Kam said in her confessional interview that she outplayed Wes and he is no longer the master manipulator. After that episode aired, Wes said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that she decided to go after him despite their alliance and “puppet mastered” Leroy into voting him into the Crater with the goal of taking his “brand” as the master manipulator.

He said, “I think that she’s using him.” He continued, “You can f—ing have it! Go ahead.” However, he cautioned her that she is going about earning it the wrong way because he earned it by branding only whereas he said to his costar: “you are going to be a bad person… it is not an easy cross to bear.”

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