Challenge Stars’ Social Media Feud Escalates: ‘I Will Never Take the High Road’

The Challenge

MTV The Challenge's Cara Maria Sorbello, Jemmye Carroll and Nicole Zanatta on Vendettas.

A social media feud between two Challenge stars escalated on March 22 when two other competitors got involved, with all four trading verbal jabs. The argument stemmed from a comment Jemmye Carroll made about Zach Nichols getting married on the same day as his ex, Jemmye’s friend Ashlee Feldman. Zach and Challenge star Jenna Compono married on March 13 in an intimate ceremony.

In response to a fan saying “So Zach and Ashlee got married this weekend. Just not to each other,” Jemmye replied, “Im so grateful he was NOT the groom at her wedding.. my girl definitely upgraded to the most fire a** man.” Zach then replied, “You had a chance to take the high road, yet you remain in the gutter. Stay sleazy you bottom dwelling trash bag. Btw I’m the one who upgraded.”

The dispute ended there on March 21 but the following day Challenge star Nicole Zanatta chimed in to defend Zach and the feud escalated.

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After Zach & Jemmye Initially Called Each Other Out on Social Media, Jenna & Nicole Zanatta Chimed In

Jemmye replied to Zach on March 22, telling him, “I will never take the high road when it comes to misogyny but I do wish you & your upgrade well.” She added in a subsequent message, “Stay sleazy is my new vibe.”

After Zach called out Jemmye, his costar and friend Nicole Zanatta replied to his message and added, “She needs a hobby, she’s bored & in everyone’s business that doesn’t even mention her…. happy for the both of you!” Jemmye clapped back and told her followers, “I heard a certain trash bag suggested I needed a hobby…. So maybe trashcole could give me more info on being a volunteer firefighter since that’s what she does even though she lies to everybody & says she’s a real firefighter on the payroll..”

Nicole then slammed Jemmye for her comments and told her, “Jemmye STOP picking people apart. Jenna came to my graduation as well as Laurel, I’m a Proud FDNY firefighter.” Zach’s wife Jenna also chimed in and told Nicole, “And who cares if you were volunteering? Still an amazing thing to dedicate your free time to in my opinion. I’ve recently learned the only ammo people use now a days are things that happened years ago. Don’t let it bother you.. most of us moved on from the past.”

Jemmye received criticism from some fans who accused her of being unappreciative of volunteer firefighters and she then clarified, “I appreciate the shit out of volunteer firefighters and the shade was at trashcole being a liar not towards any volunteer firefighters. It blows my mind how people really missed the whole point.” She added, “The drag was her lying on national tv about her ‘job.'”

Zach & Jemmye Traded Blows on Social Media in May 2020 & Zach Told Jemmye Her Late Ex-Boyfriend Would Be ‘Ashamed’ of Her

Zach and Jemmye have previously argued on social media and in May 2020, Zach slammed Jemmye and told her that Ryan Knight, her late ex-boyfriend and his friend, “would be ashamed of the person you’ve become.” According to Cheat Sheet, Jemmye stepped in during a dispute online between Zach and Jenna’s rival, Challenge star Amanda Garcia.

In the middle of the argument, Zach told Amanda, “you really are rotten, disgusting vile bitch.” Jemmye, who starred on The Real World: New Orleans, replied to Zach and asked if he and Jenna had a wedding registry so she could gift them counseling and called out Jenna.

That’s when Zach told Jemmye that Knight “would be ashamed of the person you’ve become,” the outlet wrote. Jemmye replied that bringing up Knight was a “low blow” and that she knows Knight would have her back and would be “proud” of her.

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