Mushroom on ‘The Masked Singer’ Was Unmasked & Revealed As…

The Masked Singer Mushroom

FOX Mushroom in the special two-hour "The Road To the Finals -The Last Mask Standing" season four finale episode of THE MASKED SINGER.

As promised, the season 4 finale of The Masked Singer brought with it the unmaskings of the final 3 contestants. BEWARE OF SPOILERS BELOW!

The Mushroom contestant was one of the competitors unmasked, revealing his celebrity identity as…

Aloe Blacc!

The Mushroom chose to sing his daughter’s favorite song, “I Wish” by Stevie Wonder, for his finale performance.

Of his time competing on The Masked Singer, Blacc said, “Music is truly the language that connects us all, and I got a chance to experience that and do just that here on this stage.” He said that in the Mushroom costume, which had a skirt-like feel to its design, he decided, “I can embody her spirit while I’m doing this and feel her energy.”

Mushroom Finished the Competition in 2nd Place

Mushroom finished just short of winning the Golden Mask trophy. He finished in 2nd place, losing to the Sun. Crocodile finished behind the Mushroom in 3rd place.

Before it was time for the Mushroom to take off his mask, the panelists revealed their first impression guesses and updated them with their final predictions. Here’s how they guessed:

– Jenny McCarthy’s first impression guess was Maxwell. She changed her guess to Ne-Yo.
– Ken Jeong’s first impression guess was Justin Timberlake. He changed his guess to Pharrell Williams.
– Nicole Scherzinger’s first impression guess was Donald Glover. She changed her guess to Aloe Blacc.
– Robin Thicke’s first impression guess was Billy Porter. He changed his guess to Aloe Blacc, piggy-backing off of Nicole’s guess.

Both Nicole and Robin were correct in their final guesses, but none of the panelists earned first impression points!

Mushroom’s Top Clues From ‘The Masked Singer’ Season 4

Throughout the Mushroom’s time competing on The Masked Singer, a number of clues pointed at his celebrity identity.

The Mushroom’s video packages have included a number of significant visual clues, including:

– a hat
– a man dressed like a mask
– a microphone
– a watering pale
– a rake
– a radish
– a cityscape
– “North Spore” High School
– orange juice
– black beetles
– and a prom queen’s crown

The Mushroom said he chose the Mushroom character because “Earth is such a beautiful place and as the Mushroom, I want to remind everyone that we are all connected.” The Mushroom also revealed, “I came here to share a message of unity through music.”

Clues connecting the Mushroom to Broadway were dropped throughout the season, including lyrics from the hit Broadway musical Hamilton and scenes from Mean Girls.

The Mushroom’s “magic lamp” clue was an edible red “brain” that Nick Cannon said tasted like strawberries. The Mushroom’s super clue was a clock that read 3 o’clock.

Speaking about the pandemic and the devastating toll it has taken on so many, he said, “It’s taken someone close to me,” adding that he’s come to learn that “Life can flip on its head at any time.”

The Mushroom alluded to a connection to panelist Robin Thicke. He said, “Robin, I love mixing it up with you again. Because this is definitely not the first time we’ve connected.”

Ahead of Mushroom’s finale performance, he reflected that it’s been “transformative” getting to sing and compete as the Mushroom. He said his ultimate inspiration for competing on The Masked Singer was his daughter.

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